Saturday, 22 June 2013

Possible Motives for Geoengineering the Alberta-Flood?

If this storm was intentional, there is much speculation for reasons why this would be done. From our recent article, we learned that this storm was the result of man-made rainfall, which was generated by heavy power plant aerosol emissions in Montana. Interestingly, the Colstrip power plant in Montana was sued over pollution controls back in March of 2013. Alberta also has its share of problems regarding coal plants. Prior to the escalated water levels in Calgary, AB, Montana was similarly facing floods.

It is interesting that India has also suffered major flooding around the same time. Some possible political reasons are stated by Alfred Lambremont Webre in his article. We do not see any organization benefiting from this catastrophe except for large corporations and banks. This is taking into consideration the amount of homes that must be re-built, and packaged products that were purchased for nearly 80,000 flood victims. This would largely include packaged food and beverage companies also. Some readers have suggested the Red Cross being an organization benefiting from this event. Other individuals have suggested that this event is a cover-up (distraction) from other crucially-important events happening at the time, such as the recent Alberta oil spill prior to the flood, gun confiscation, or perhaps worldwide events such as the Syrian war and Egypt / Brazil protests. Another possible reason may be Canada (and Alberta in this case) wanting to sell its oil to China instead of U.S., as America is their largest purchaser. First Nation communities have been hit hard with this flood, and prior to this, their leaders have been standing firmly against expanding new oil sands operations on Native territory. Insurance companies have not to worry, as this type of incident is not covered under their policy. Houses along the riverside that were once worth a fortune have now had their market prices decrease significantly.

As reported by media outlets, this flood followed some 36 hours of unusually heavy rainfall - some communities receiving six months of their normal rainfall in under two days. It is strange indeed, as we have shown. We think that this will be blamed on "global warming" without mentioning a single word on Geoengineering (weather modification) or high-altitude aerosol spraying. We are unsure if this may lead to more carbon taxing of citizens.

However, what we do find interesting is that this recent rain storm system (as was shown) originated from Montana, which along with many other states, has been experiencing severe forest fires recently. We saw that this storm system was intensified and pushed east into North Dakota and Minnesota. Recently, these same areas have been experiencing worsening forest fires. We do not have sufficient evidence as of now, but could the manufacturing of these storms serve as a way of preventing these forest fires, without informing the public? Or could this be a far greater agenda? It is simply a matter of speculation for now.


  1. Don't you know it's about landgrabs? The UN even has about Agenda 21 on their website. They want us all (who survives) to live in little boxes/apartments, and own no land and we will only get to have bicycles, and they'll own the land that us peons won't get to enjoy, unless we're rich enough to get a bus ticket on special days to visit. No secret, this is what the green agenda is about, and why they are going to kick everyone off of "floodplains" (as you now hear bitch Redfraud stating, nobody on floodplains.

  2. Excellent research! You are sooo spot on about everything!!!!!

    Yes unfortunately and harshly I have to say this....

    "to simulate the economy "

    Very our expense and sanity!!!!

  3. There is at least two people I know that are convinced that the dams floodgates were not opened in time, especially knowing the heavy precipation/storms were coming days ahead. From what I understand, the Banff rangers monitor the downstreams and even with fast heavy flooding, it is suppose to reach Calgary in a few days (about three). All dams are electronically cordinated together and can handle this amount of flooding if given enough time but at the last minute? Something is not defintely not right. I cannot find any information about how it was handled, but then again, that could be a big cover up as well.