Friday 21 June 2013

Floods in Southern Alberta Caused by Power Plant Aerosol Emissions in Montana & Neighboring States - SHOCKING EVIDENCE

Firstly, we are surprised that none of the major media outlets have mentioned that the heavy rainfall southern Alberta received in the past two days originated from southern Montana, as seen in satellite imagery below. Prior to the escalated water levels in Alberta, similarly, Montana was also facing severe flooding. The Weather Network explains how the flood developed here, without mentioning a single word about Montana. The media merely tells part of the story, while it continues to be misinformed about the true nature of this storm, as reported by Globe & Mail:
Days of rain coupled with the spring run-off from the Rockies combined to bloat rivers in Alberta, and the flooding is expected to continue over the weekend. The South Saskatchewan River Valley is expected to peak late Sunday afternoon, Mr. Griffiths told reporters.
With the help of satellite images, we are lead to believe that this storm was generated using artificial precipitation methods, which are described in this video. We strongly recommend reading this post discussing weather patents that are being used to control storms and their relation to plume-shaped cloud systems. It is important to understand the weather modification patents that have lead up to this day. It is also crucial that we understand how aerosol emissions from power plants can affect cloud formations and precipitation generated in neighbouring areas, which has been found in recent studies. A great video which discusses this topic can be viewed here. This is not the first time that power plants have caused a freak storm of this nature.

This article will describe how the recent weather pattern formed, which brought majority of the recent flooding of rain into Alberta, accompanied by videos of weather data and NEXRAD animation. A playlist of all events can be viewed here. Part II discusses mainly Calgary and surrounding areas in southern Alberta, strictly using the Pacific and Prairie radar stations' data. Part II can be read here.

Regarding the satellite video below, pay close attention to the storm originating in southern Montana which moves north west into southern Alberta. At about 11 seconds in, we see a tapering arm stretching south to the Wyoming-Idaho border, which later feeds the southern end of the storm for some time. This storm system moves east to join other storms that originate in North and South Dakota. Also, pay attention around these areas of North and South Dakota, to see how storm systems suddenly emerge from central points.

It is important to note how some of these storm systems are tapered , originating from a central point. Some of these central points are shown to be near NEXRAD (Doppler) sites and power plants. NEXRAD towers are capable of emitting electromagnetic waves at different frequencies that can affect weather patterns or particles in the atmosphere. With microwave transmitter capabilities, able of emitting over 700,000 watts in each pulse, these Doppler devices can generate an enormous amount of corona ions (charged particles) which bind to water molecules. The generation of CCN (cloud condensation nuclei) using frequency or electric charge is the corona-effect for ion generation of rain, which can be read about here. More importantly, there are power plants located in Billings and Colstrip, MT, which are capable of producing massive amounts of CCN, which can form into rain clouds and disrupt precipitation patterns. It is important to be aware of these types of artificial anthropogenic precipitation methods, as we believe this may be related to how the cloud system in Montana started.

What is interesting about where some of these storm systems are developing is that they are in close proximity to NEXRAD stations and / or power plants. Below is a snapshot of where the south Montana storm originates, which is near the KBLX NEXRAD station and J.E. Corette Power Plant near Billings, MT:

Environment Canada Satellite Image: Southern Alberta storm originates from south Montana
Above: NEXRAD Station (KBLX) near Billings, MT. Coincidence?
Above: Cloud plumes appearing on NEXRAD radar, suddenly being generated near active power plants, such as the ones found near Billings and Colstrip, MT. Click the photo to enlarge.
The storm system that appears in southern Montana also happens to be near the J.E. Corette Energy Plant. Located along the Yellowstone River on the outskirts of Billings, MT, the J.E. Corette plant is a coal-fired unit owned by PPL Montana, and it has a generating capacity of 153 megawatts. Roughly a hundred miles east is another power plant in Colstrip, MT, capable of producing over 2,000 MW of energy. Recently, in March of 2013, a lawsuit was filed against the Colstrip power plant, over pollution controls. There are numerous studies suggesting a strong correlation between air pollution and its impact on climate. The amount of CCN (cloud condensation nuclei) these types of power plants can produce is astounding, resulting in abundant clouds being generated and possibly heavy precipitation in downwind areas. An important study conducted on the impact of fossil fuel burning from power plants on our climate can be read here. The study suggests that:

The consequences of this technology for aerosol emissions, and in particular the regional scale impact on cloud micro-physics, have not been studied until now. We performed airborne investigations to measure aerosol size distributions in the air masses downwind of coal-fired power installations. We show how the current generation of clean technology reduces the emission of sulphur and fine particulate matter, but leads to an unanticipated increase in the direct emission of ultra-fine particles (1–10 nm median diameter) which are highly effective precursors of cloud condensation nuclei (CCN). Our analysis shows how these additional ultra-fine particles probably modify cloud micro-physics, as well as precipitation intensity and distribution on a regional scale downwind of emission sources. Effectively, the number of small water droplets might be increased, thus reducing the water available for large droplets and rain formation. The possible corresponding changes in the precipitation budget with a shift from more frequent steady rain to occasionally more vigorous rain events, or even a significant regional reduction of annual precipitation, introduce an unanticipated risk for regional climate and agricultural production, especially in semi-arid climate zones.  

Above: The J.E. Corette Power Plant near Billings, MT
Regarding this clean technology, which creates finer particles in power plant emissions, and the fact that the Alberta flood occurred on June 2013, it is quite ironic, especially considering the Colstrip power plant's proposed plans for 2013, which state:
 To increase particulate control to meet the MATS Rule, a wet electrostatic precipitator (Wet ESP) is added in series with each scrubber (pg. J-16) . . . Proposed changes to Section 316(b) issued under the Act will apply to power plants as well as other industrial facilities. They require facilities to utilize “best technology available.” The EPA expects to finalize power plant standards by June 2013 (pg. J-12).
As an example of illustrating anthropogenic clouds generated by means of aerosol emissions (CCN) in Calgary, Alberta, the ENMAX Calgary Energy Centre is a great example. Found on the north east corner edge of Stoney Trail, relying on fossil fuels and the burning natural gas (methane), this power plant is capable of forming enormous amounts of clouds in our sky. Acquired by ENMAX Energy through a subsidiary in 2008, this facility is a 320 megawatt natural gas-fuelled plant. A list of all plants can be found here.

Above: ENMAX Calgary Energy Centre found on the north east corner edge of Stoney Trail (Calgary, AB), generating an abundance of clouds from aerosol emissions. A list of generating stations for Alberta can be found here.
Above: Caught on radar, the Beaver Valley Nuclear Plant in Pennsylvania causes a freak snowstorm in Allegheny and Beaver counties, on Jan, 2013. Read more here

At about 6 seconds into the video, you will notice that the storm system is generated in southern Montana, but more importantly, aerosol plumes from near active power plants can be seen feeding this storm. Some of this phenomenon can be viewed from NEXRAD KBLX radar in Billings, MT. The storm is further driven north by either wind patterns or active NEXRAD / Doppler electromagnetism, possibly using stations in southern Alberta. Later throughout the video, this storm passes east through other NEXRAD-active regions in neighbouring states. Overall, we can see this storm suddenly originating from specific points of interest, initially starting near Billings, Montana, being fed by active power plants, such as the one found in Colstrip, MT. This is what brought majority of the rainfall in the past day, which caused severe flooding for Southern Alberta.

At about 10 seconds into the video, we see numerous other storms suddenly appearing at central points, specifically in North Dakota. These storms later merge with the one that was generated in south Montana. We have uploaded the various NEXRAD animations for these different stations to better depict what was occurring in those areas. You will see the storm systems being fed from specific areas as shown on radar, with possible electromagnetic activity being emitted from these radar stations, which can influence nearby cloud patterns and atmospheric particles. Tracking aerosol plume emissions from power plants using radar is difficult in some cases, due to the dynamics of cloud micro-physics and formations, but it can be seen in some cases.
NEXRAD animation screenshot: Grand Forks, North Dakota - NEXRAD Station (KMVX) for June 20 - 21. Notice where this storm system is tapering from--precisely where the Doppler station is located. 
Map of NEXRAD Stations in the United States: White dots represent active NEXRAD stations, and red dots are those of interest to us, specifically in N/S Dakota and Nebraska.
Photograph of the KMVX NEXRAD station in North Dakota

Above: Is it a coincidence that the North Dakota Rain Project runs annually from June 1 - Aug 31?

With the amount of metallic and non-metallic particles in aerosols that are being sprayed (Geoengineering) in the upper atmosphere daily, which actively collect moisture to form / dissipate clouds, there should be no surprise at how some of these weather patterns are being driven. It is worth noting what Dane Wigington and other experts have to say on this topic. When clouds become laced with metallic particles, these clouds can then be influenced by electromagnetic waves emitted through NEXRAD radar or weather modification satellites. The air acts as a fluid, in which these particles are distributed. This is creating an ongoing problem in many areas and is spoken about here.

After watching the NEXRAD animations, one should be convinced that this is not how natural cloud systems are formed. We can clearly see the weather patterns and cloud formations being affected by electromagnetic waves (ie. radar) emitted from these NEXRAD stations. We have also seen many of the cloud formations to be fed from nearby power plants.

More research is needed in this field, and there needs to be a thorough investigation from officials around various States and Canadian cities for the amount of damage that has been caused in the name of weather modification and anthropogenic climate impacts. Let us not forget what happened during the Vietnam War in the 1960s, and the extent to which weather modification technology has advanced since then. There are also those who will purchase weather at the expense of others.

For possible motives regarding this flood, we have a post dedicated to this discussion. Part II can be read here, which takes a closer look at the radar stations near southern Alberta (and Calgary).

Intellicast Image: June 21st. Active aerosol-spraying continues off the West Coast of U.S. and Canada, which clearly act to intensify active weather systems that are being formed and moving inland.

Above: NEXRAD being documented by user Atlantic Skywatch

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  1. Yup, your on the right track. These artificial ionized cloud condensation nuclei are affected by ELF microwaves. You can even see thumb print waves moving in odd angles to each other within the same clouds that defy fluid dynamic principals found in nature, probably stray sources from Nexrad as opposed to the larger ionospheric heaters such as HAARP. see:
    Up wind spray campaign in Spokane / west coast region - saturated the regional atmosphere beginning up to a month ahead of time. see:

  2. So you might be asking "why would this be done? Who could possibly benefit?" Look at the affected area - urban and rural sprawl that has headed in what the powers that be term as an "unsustainable" direction/future.
    - stack em' and pack em' high rise developers and construction contracts for all of the displaced, homeless misfortunates who will be now relocated to a more compacted, restructured city - no longer property owners, rather, now they will be Agenda 21 tenant debt slaves living out of a shoe box.

    This flood was the reset button. The beauty of it is that there will be no accountability other than to blame it on those pesky bad humans that are causing "climate change". Never mind looking up at those taxpayer funded chemtrails.

    Welcome to disaster capitalism.

    1. Great point. I did some recent searching for U.S. wildfires and found that Montana and North Dakota had some bad fires last year, and this year poses a greater threat, and I could only see the rain benefiting them. But this is pure speculation, who knows

    2. The fires are caused by the draughts caused by diverging water from these regions to the storms. All this water is coming from somewhere which ends up lacking of it!

    3. Thank you for this... At least I'm not the only Calgarian who thinks this was intentionally engineered. Why do they do it? Because the people at the top who are carrying out this economic collapse to decimate everyone want very much to destroy us all financially. They flooded New York previously, now Calgary is a target as they want to dry everyone out financially as Canada has been doing too well economically. It's time now in their schedule to change that. Canada will probably also pull a "Cyprus" on Canadian citizens to dry up the rest of the money in this country:

      This will ensure nobody has enough money to resist them.
      This is so that the Buiderburgers/Rothschilds/Rockefellers etc and all their puppets can bring in a one world currency and have world domination. If they have their way we will all be begging for this new currency once they're done with us. Isn't even the Red Cross a masonic organization and all the people paying money to them like paying the people who orchestrated this? The illuminati are the highest level of masons are they not?... We are sadly living in a matrix, and everything including the media has been bought off...

  3. how do i follow this blog? peace

  4. Good work, and you are entirely correct. I happen to be working on a video now that includes (in great detail) the same massive Artificial Precipitation Generation that was responsible for the flooding in Canada. In fact, this Artificial Precipitation Generation has continued in the same area throughout the week, and flood warnings are in effect for the entire area. These bursts of AP generation come predominately from power plants, and can be seen in my video "Nexrad Weather Control: Creating Cloud Systems 101".

  5. Thank you for raising this possibility. We Calgarians are all astounded at this; I went down to the river yesterday to see it “live”. The speed with which this happened in southern Alberta was unbelievable, you couldn’t keep up with everything. Is this to assure our [adjective omitted] Muslim mayor a re-election in October? He has handled this disaster very well so far. It will definitely affect the upcoming Stampede no matter what they say. The Zoo is closed for two weeks. The downtown office towers are silent. City Transit is definitely affected. We are told not to drive outside our own area inside Calgary if not necessary even though most of Calgary is not even affected (I don’t notice anything). Banff and Canmore might lose loads of tourists. I realize that "things happen"; but with all the scary stuff going on these days, who knows. We are also Canada's Bible Belt, Ontario hates us for our thriving/driving economy (we’ve taken that away from them); we are home to lots of rednecks and other “outdated” ideologies I'd better not mention, a good conservative voting base. I could say lots more. Thank you for this article.

  6. Excellent work

  7. im a calgarian, and have lived in the city for my whole life. not once have i ever seen the river move at such speeds. the clouds are another thing on its own. i have read lots on the haarp program and let me tell you in my own opinion the clouds that i seen were in fact chem trails. also i can telll you that those clouds hung around for a long time just hoverd over the city and the rockies. i have pictures but would like to know how to post them.

  8. I've left a few comment the last few day, don't see them?

    Anyway, I agree this is to move people out of the highly affected areas. I found this link from 2007, they've been wanting this high speed rail for quite awhile. Now with the train incident by probably UN powers (UNESCO to be more precise), could this also be part of the agenda? Now they can buy the land for pennies on the dollar, like everywhere else they hit with destructive wheather.

    Also NESCO, to many agencies, to many chiefs, nobody knows what the other hand is doing.

  9. .HAARP is very active those days .

  10. haarp is very active around the globe
    who 's next ??

  11. Here is some more evidence of geo-engineering. Today I was out in several areas of Calgary including Bridgeland, Crescent Heights and the downtown core with a group of friends, and felt rain drops falling on me with not a cloud in sight, then at one point my entire group felt the rain falling and we looked up and you could actually see the rain falling as it reflected the sun's light, with no explanation of its origin. Did anybody else feel or see this?

    1. Yes, I did, I think it was on Friday, June 28. I was walking on the Safeway parking lot at 36 St & Mem Dr NE, all of a sudden I walked through a very light rain sprinkle, which I thought was odd because when I looked up there were no rain clouds, it was quite sunny. I even grabbed my umbrella, but suddenly it stopped. Outside of the flooded areas, but who knows. Of course, years ago here in Calgary I heard those strange booms and trumpet sounds in the sky, which was a very very creepy thing.

  12. Wow i was wondering what was up as this storm blew in so quick the weather people did not even see it coming ? That picture of the rolling cloud says it all that was not a normal cloud if you ask me . World march against geo-engineering on August 25/2013 look it up folks , hope to see you there .

  13. DK Syl Lk - Boy do I wish we could sit and talk, your talking nothing but the truth....been watching this for many years now....nice to see you bring it to light...God bless you...

  14. Environmental warfare is banned under the 1978 Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques (ENMOD), to which Canada, the United States and Russia are all parties.
    This Treaty has been broken June 18th, in Calgary, Alberta Canada and the rest of Southern Alberta

  15. And unless you right the wrong the wrong remains the right! I suggest action, as in file a motion in the judicial system and give them the shortest time allowed for response. use their own system against them. All courts are contract law courts. it is not difficult to prove breach of contract for failure to disclose ALL! take action folks. government derives its power by the people, for the people. THEY WORK FOR YOU, STOP FEARING YOUR OWN EMPLOYEES, GET BACK TO THE BOOKS AND RE-LEARN YOUR RIGHTS AND DUTIES AND FIRE THESE S.O.B.'s!!!!

  16. Something else to consider, all of this manmade rain is also raining out the radiation plumes circling the planet due to the ongoing meltdowns in Fukushima. Radiated rain means radiated soil, crops, livestock, drinking water, everything. Genocide!

  17. This is something we all should be concerned about. Some people are trying to control us by crippling us financially. This is one clever way to do it.

  18. I have noticed similar things going on in Edmonton, Alberta. Unusual cloud patterns and shortly thereafter a storm comes.

  19. listen up to all you humans in this world,your government is being very deceitful with such lies and controlling strategies to brain wash all you humans so that you all don,t know and see on what your government are really up attention to what is going on all around the world.and you will see.

  20. Keep this page - up whatever it takes PayPal Funding etc.
    The world has the right to know what' these Rothschild/Soros Clowns are up 2..

    “The jet stream usually rushes rapidly from west to east in a mostly straight direction. But lately it’s been wobbling and weaving like a drunken driver, wreaking havoc as it goes. The more the jet stream undulates north and south, the more changeable and extreme the weather.”
    “It’s a relatively new phenomenon that scientists are still trying to understand. Some say it’s related to global warming; others say it’s not.”
    Exactly – Not normal just watch The Weather Network. All normal\natural jet streams run from West to East we see this 24\7. But during the Flood it was flowing from East to West… Some say Phenomenon others say Global Warming well they are both wrong. What it was is a reset button call it what you want when it could very well be Agenda 21 pushing the NWO one world Government (A reset button) Alberta was doing the best in the world, most jobs, strongest economy & that got noticed by someone’s hidden Agenda. Things happen in 3’s. 1. Manmade Weather Warfare Flood 2. Oil Crash 3. Fort McMurray Fire. Do your own research Technology such as this existed in the 60’s. But just blame it on humans and\or Global Warming…. And no one pays attention to all the clues.
    These clouds form Naturally over Oceans and\or Tropical areas called Arcus Clouds not Calgary! This treaty has been broken June 18th, 2013
    It normal to question things not normal to not question them. However, this will never be posted but they say the truth will set you free. It’s not a theory but only modified science…

  21. Now apply this to Generator in terms of MW and MVAR in Y and X axis respectively. while multiplying each term by V/X to convert it into power.... buy weed seeds online

  22. One should be convinced that this is not how natural cloud systems are formed. .Thanks for pointing that post. WATER DAMAGE RESTORATION MISSION VALLEY