Saturday 22 June 2013

Alberta Flooding Caused by Doppler Electromagnetism & Montana Power Plant Aerosol Emissions -- PROOF -- Part II

Part I can be read here, which discusses how the storm originated in Montana using artificial precipitation methods, with viewable data from NEXRAD radar. Here is a loop playback of the prairie Doppler radar stations, showing that the storm system is actively being driven up north, as seen from various Doppler stations, into southern Alberta where the flooding worsened. We can see that this storm system is clearly coming up from Montana. The Pacific view of the Doppler stations can be seen here. The full playlist of all videos can be seen here.

If you are not familiar with NEXRAD technology or power plant aerosol emissions and their impact on climate, please watch this video. When viewing the radar animations, the electromagnetic activity emitted from these large Doppler radar sites and its influence on atmospheric particles (i.e. clouds) needs to be thoroughly investigated. These Doppler stations in southern Alberta appear to be working in conjunction with those (NEXRAD) in Montana. Each central point is a Doppler (NEXRAD) station, which emits electromagnetic waves (over 700,000 watts of microwave energy in each pulse) that may steer / intensify / weaken nearby storm systems, sometimes preceded by high altitude aerosol spraying. The military has numerous patents, which use electromagnetic technology that can influence storm systems significantly.

This storm system was steered north, originating from south Montana, possibly using NEXRAD / Doppler stations. Read more about Doppler stations near Calgary here. Their influence on these storm systems can clearly be seen when one observes different sets of radar animation data. Here is a video of potential Doppler electromagnetism moving the storm system from west to east on June 20th.

Here are photos of how the Calgary sky looked after the clouds parted and heavy rainfall desisted, taken in order throughout the day. Another set can be found here. Many signs of the Doppler / NEXRAD effect can be seen in these photos. With signs of aerosol deployed throughout the sky, and NEXRAD (Doppler radar) influence on metallic-laced clouds, this may be the aftermath of a geoengineered storm. Here is a playlist of all unusual weather phenomenon (video footage) linked to this event. There is a video filmed by a resident on June 18th, regarding an unusual cloud formation which is pictured below. Read more about roll clouds being generated at Doppler radar stations here.

Calgary, AB - June 18: Unusual cloud formations have been reported by residents from southern Alberta, which seems to correlate well with what has been described regarding the geoengineering of this storm system.
Satellite / Radar images: Why is the mainstream media not discussing the large amount of rainfall that originated in Montana, where NEXRAD / Doppler radar stations possibly steering the storm north west into southern Alberta?
Photograph of the Doppler Radar Station (CXSM), which is north of Strathmore. Map can be found here.
Heavy aerosol spraying in Montana, days prior to the intense flooding. Once the skies are laced with metallic oxides which mix with new-forming cloud systems, these weather systems can be controlled through the use of EM waves emitted from Doppler stations.
Weather Station in Calgary equipped with numerous satellite equipment. Why is this facility not labelled on Google maps?
Storm Aftermath in Calgary, AB: Remnants of heavy aerosol spray left in the sky the evening of June 21st. These trails are laced with metallic nano-particles, and the Doppler effect can be seen pulsating through them. All photos can be seen here and another set here.
Photograph from a resident: This photo was taken flying over Calgary as the storm progresses on June 20th. What was seen and described by a local were several black jets coming into Calgary above the storm, spraying heavy aerosols. Take note of the NEXRAD-induced ripples that are formed once the sky is pulsed with EM waves, after being laced with these metallic aerosols.
Calgary, AB: NEXRAD-Doppler effect can be seen throughout the sky, affecting these cloud patterns
Calgary, AB: Freshly sprayed aerosols (Chemtrail) swiftly disperse in the sky

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  1. I sadly feel better knowing that I am not the only one who sees what is going on! I told a select few that this storm was not normal, and was altered by 'man'...of course, they won't believe it. I took some photos of the Doppler type sky on June 18th, and said there will be a crazy storm in the next day or two. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I am sick knowing that we here in Calgary are suffering from what man created, not Mother Nature!

    1. I agree, it breaks my heart and frustrates me that people are so incredibley entrained by the cbc programming. I can't get one comment on the cbc, the monkey's have been trained well.

      Please keep reporting this, I have spread the info around wherever I can.

    2. Yeah HAARPer has threatened to do in the CBC, personally I wish he would make good on that threat. It is a useless reporting agency, and any mention of Agenda 21 UN backed initiative, via left on comments or feedback page/ section is never published. It supports massive immigration, i.e. CBC does, so that Agenda 21 development can take place in Canada. Look at Vancouver BC it is a prime example of where Agenda 21 developmewnt is at its finest and most blatant but none of the inhabitants there are clued in to it.

  2. Lucidity shows us what is real*ly goin'on !Here also in Trenton, Ontario June 14th.2013 this year = we had unusual clouds and bizarre formations and illogical movements -some clouds were going one way others were moving oppositely...WE know much is being altered !! ... on many levels have jumped OFF the slave-puppets stage because the hologram is disintegrating at last !!

  3. This is disgusting. Harper is getting caught and now he will take out whole cities if he has to just to avoid the media covering that over half of his cabinet was ILLEGALLY and FRAUDULENTLY elected. Horrifying that we still call this Canada.

  4. Maybe it's to cover up this event and "flood" the news with a distraction

  5. Here in Texas, they are doing the opposite; causing extreme drought. I have watched it all summer long; they spray chem-trails heavy everyday. Every time natural clouds develop to bring rain, they just dissipate, because of the chem-trails, and tta's. In fact today, I watched them break up at least 3 storms, that would have brought rain.

  6. It should come as no surprise that this is happening. Certain powers that be are trying to manipulate ordinary people in any way they can. This is one clever way to do this. People in Alberta and other parts of Canada are being crippled financially from floods and storms. The one world government will be upon us. It's getting closer.

  7. I have noticed similar things going on in Edmonton, Alberta. Clouds that don't look right, then a storm comes.

  8. Who dreamed up this fake science? Those so called "chem trails" are just condensed water harmless as the dew that forms on the side of a cold glass of beer.

    1. Fake science? Nevin, are you aware of the current "science" patents that have been in use for many years now. All of these patents use jet aircraft to deploy such chemical / biological agents into the air. Feel free to search them up ;)

      -Patent US5360162 A (uses metals, lead, copper, BARIUM ; AMMONIA, etc)

      -Patent # 5003186 (Invented by your friendly paid Calgary scientist David Keith. It uses white aluminium oxide, that lingers in the air, in order to block out sunlight. Be careful of calling this one harmless vapour. Also see Patent # 7645326, and GMO Patent # 7582809. Careful not to breathe this in once it comes back down to ground.)

      -Weather patent # 5,223,412 (Using biological agents for ice-nucleation. Many of these same bacterial diseases are showing up on crops down below)

      -Silver Iodide (Been around a very long time. It is also used in Alberta for hail mitigation. Read more about the controversies here: )

      This is merely scratching the surface. If you want to learn more, please research the patents.

    2. Who the ---k gives anybody the right to block the suns rays? Harmless as the dew that forms on the side of a cold beer? How long does that dew stay on the cold glass? Not very long my friend. Wake up and see the haze in the sky (all day)...not many deep blue skies anymore is there....Contrails yeah right!

  9. Weather warfare is the use of weather modification techniques such as cloud seeding for military purposes.
    Prior to the Environmental Modification Convention signed in Geneva in 1977, the United States used weather warfare in the Vietnam War. Under the auspices of the Air Weather Service, the United States' Operation Popeye used cloud seeding over the Ho Chi Minh trail, increasing rainfall by an estimated thirty percent during 1967 and 1968. It was hoped that the increased rainfall would reduce the rate of infiltration down the trail.[1]
    With much less success, the United States also dropped salt on the airbase during the siege of Khe Sanh in an attempt to reduce the fog that hindered air operations.[citation needed]
    A research paper produced for the United States Air Force written in 1996 speculates about the future use of nanotechnology to produce "artificial weather", clouds of microscopic computer particles all communicating with each other to form an intelligent fog that could be used for various purposes. "Artificial weather technologies do not currently exist. But as they are developed, the importance of their potential applications rises rapidly." Weather modification technologies are described in an unclassified academic paper written by airforce officer-cadet students as "a force multiplier with tremendous power that could be exploited across the full spectrum of war-fighting environments."[2]
    The Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques (Geneva: May 18, 1977, Entered into force: October 5, 1978) prohibits "widespread, long-lasting or severe effects as the means of destruction, damage or injury".[3] However, it has been argued[who?] that this permits "local, non-permanent changes". In contrast, the "Consultative Committee of Experts" established in Article VIII of the Convention has stated in their "Understanding relating to Article II" that any use of environmental modification where this is done "as a means of destruction, damage or injury to another State Party, would be prohibited.".[4] Furthermore, they conclude in the same paragraph that "military or any other hostile use of environmental modification techniques, would result, or could reasonably be expected to result, in widespread, long-lasting or severe destruction, damage or injury.", meaning that all signatories are expected to abstain from using weather modification to cause harm at any scale. Importantly, the language of the treaty does not overtly condemn military use of weather modification when it does not directly cause harm,[4] such as the United States' use of weather modification in the siege of Khe Sanh, discussed above. Because of the limitations of the treaty, and the fact that it applies only to signatory states, weather warfare is not a thing of the past, and may continue to play a role in warfare throughout the twenty-first century.