Monday, 14 September 2020

CBC Admits Logging Machinery can SPARK Fires


Nova Scotia Forest fires started by logging 'machine tracks' prompt calls for temporary ban on logging - It begs the question if this contributed to the countless fires that have ravaged British Columbia.

120-hectare fire near Springfield were started in late May by "metal machine tracks creating sparks on rocky terrain."

Photos taken in both areas after the fires also show logging activity — there were piles of logs on the side of roads and charred stacks of logs.

"The ground is all dried out. It's really easy to go up in flames. Like you pick up a handful of moss or ferns and they're just like crumbling with dryness, and it takes nothing to set that kind of debris on fire." (You can thank logging for drying out our forests by clear-cutting trees and their moisture-retaining roots)

Nova Scotia government says it's monitoring conditions, but won't commit to halting forestry activity

Stacks of charred logs could be seen at the site of the fire in late May near Springfield, N.S. (Donna Crossland)

Some Nova Scotians are calling for a ban on logging during hot, dry weather after it was revealed that machinery in the woods caused two forest fires that spanned more than a hundred hectares in Kings County last month.

Nova Scotia's Department of Environment determined a 13-hectare fire in McGee Lake and a 120-hectare fire near Springfield were started in late May by "metal machine tracks creating sparks on rocky terrain."

The department didn't respond to questions about what machine made those tracks and what kind of work was being done, however logging machines such as feller bunchers and forwarders could create those kind of tracks.

Photos taken in both areas after the fires also show logging activity — there were piles of logs on the side of roads and charred stacks of logs.

"To be going into that kind of place and working, it just seems really risky," said Bev Wigney, who runs the Facebook group Annapolis Royal and Area Environment and Ecology.

"The ground is all dried out. It's really easy to go up in flames. Like you pick up a handful of moss or ferns and they're just like crumbling with dryness, and it takes nothing to set that kind of debris on fire."

She wants Nova Scotia to follow the lead of New Brunswick, which last week closed all Crown land, except provincial parks, to recreational and industrial activity, including forestry. 

Nova Scotia's Department of Lands and Forestry said it's working closely with the forestry industry to monitor conditions, but wouldn't say if a ban on forestry would be enforced. 

The 13-hectare fire near McGee Lake and the 120-hectare fire in Springfield were caused 'by metal machine tracks creating sparks on rocky terrain,' according to Nova Scotia Environment. (Brian Taylor)

Nova Scotia has been under a province-wide fire ban for more than a week. That means campfires and backyard fires aren't allowed, but forestry activity continues.

In addition to the Kings County fires, there were at least three other fires burning in remote areas of the province in late May, but Nova Scotia Environment couldn't determine their causes. 

The 120-hectare fire near Alton Road in Springfield was considered out of control due to high winds, and required more than 50 personnel and two helicopters to put it out. 

The Department of Lands and Forestry wouldn't say whether that fire was on Crown land. But a map of the fire area near Springfield provided to the Chronicle Herald matches with a provincial map online that shows forestry on Crown land.

The fire in the Springfield area appears to be on Crown land. (Harvest Plans Map Viewer)


Sunday, 6 September 2020

Canada Fires Caused by LUMBER Mining

How long will it take Beautiful BC to turn to Burnt BC? And yet another lumber harvesting caused fire ... right next to the fire, notice the logging routes and clear cut patch, now dried out and left with combustible timber debris. Dear British Columbians and other Canadians, guess where all your beautiful forests are globally being sold to? All at the expense of your land, smoke-filled air, and lung health .... all of this for greedy careless puppet politicians, who simply follow orders to get paid.

* Various photos from BC and the Kootenay area

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Friday, 21 August 2020

The Reason Why OKANAGAN is BURNING with Forest Fires

It looks like the #BC Lumber industry has a lot of explaining to do ... as #wildfires erupt in and around #logging zones and areas cleared of forest in #Revelstoke and the #Okanagan ... #Kelowna city went as far as even convincing the public that thinning out trees (i.e. further deforestation) would help prevent fires, which is actually just giving them a reason to actively LOG and URBAN DEVELOP those areas. Don't buy this tree thinning lie, because we all know how far wind can carry those lit ashes, which land on dried out timber fallen patches,  covered in  combustible  LOGGING debris.

It's time for the BC government and forestry / logging industry to take accountability for the increased fires that are occurring in our LUMBER driven BC province. They are cutting hundreds of thousands of trees each year, drying out our forests, and leaving patches of combustible timber debris everywhere. They are CREATING the perfect conditions for fire to start. Stop using corporate owned media to conditionally programm people to call it "fire season", when you are actually worsening the fires and making them start. Stop selling our trees to China and the global market in order to fill your own pockets. Stop selling out to the World Bank.

Take a look at the timelapse of the Okanagan above, to see how our land has become transformed, deforested, uprooted, and drought struck over time, bringing us the worst forest fires in our history in the past two decades. ✌🌲🌲🌲🔥🔥🔥

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Wednesday, 19 August 2020

BC Government & Media LYING about the Cause of Revelstoke FIRES

It looks like the BC Government and corporate-owned media is clearly covering up for the Lumber Industry fire havoc caused once again. The Nelson Star, along with other media outlets, just reported a story with the headline, "Lightning blamed for multiple fire starts across Kootenays". They should change that headline to "LUMBER Industry to blame for multiple fire starts across BC". It can clearly be seen in photos that these FIRES are being started right NEXT TO areas of deforestation, with combustible lumber wood remains clear-cut by the LUMBER industry:

The B.C. Wildfire Service: Lightning caused four small fires to break out on or near Revelstoke’s Mt. Begbie overnight Saturday, Aug. 1. Notice where this fire started - right next to a zone that has been clear-cut of trees. You can also see the logging truck trails.

Not only does the lumber industry cut down trees to sell to China and the global market, at the expense of our FOREST FIRES, but it also leaves these forests DRY and lacking moisture, along with combustible piles of dead wood that is PRONE to catching on fire from heat or lightning. Corporate-owned media outlets will never bring real light to this issue of ongoing forest fires in Western Canada.

According to the Wilderness Committee, an organization aiming to protect biological diversity in Canada, there are several planned logging cuts by BC Timber Sales below the mountain (Mt Begbie in Revelstoke). The area already has been logged multiple times. According to the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources, Mt. Begbie has deposits of lithium and demand for that rare metal is expected to double, soon. It’s used extensively in making batteries. (Penticton Western News)


A typical clear-cut area of deforested combustible wood debris ready to catch fire near Revelstoke, BC. With the trained eye, these areas are easy to spot while driving through BC and western Alberta.

Deforested patches of land ready to catch fire. These can be seen in numerous mountainsides. When the next fire catches in these areas, you can be sure that lightning and thunderstorms will be to blame.

The typical remains of a deforested area cleared by the lumber industry, with the help of BC Forestry. All that's left are combustible piles of dead wooden debris, just waiting to catch fire. 

Logging and deforestation has caused this once-lush area of past forest and thick tree cover to easily catch fire.

Another forest fire started in a deforested zone, creating a "dry pocket" that is easily prone to fires.

Another fire which has started in a logging zone. You can see the logging route and patch of trees that have been cleared away.

When will the truth come out? When will politicians stop ignorantly blaming climate warming and CO2 emissions for these forest fires occurring in and around logging zones, while omitting the reckless practices of our money-hungry industries? And let's not forget the role of old-growth forests on climate stability, climate-cooling, and preventing fires. We cannot simply cut down hectares of large, old trees and replace them with tiny saplings, expecting that will save our environment and prevent rampaging fires. 

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Lightning blamed for multiple fire starts across Kootenays
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Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Alberta DOPPLER Station Causing Tornado Weather Conditions

Today's #weather warning for #Alberta #Calgary warn of #tornado and dangerous weather ... the question we should be asking ourselves is WHY this LOW pressure zone is directly above the powerful CARVEL weather DOPPLER transmitter station! Compared with Calgary and Edmonton, Carvel has the lowest atmospheric pressure and cloud ceiling - coincidence? Hopefully people will understand soon how these giant transmitters akin to #Haarp are creating low pressure zones in our atmosphere and influencing the jetstream. How's that for climate change?

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Wednesday, 10 June 2020

Canadian Government Causing Weather Havoc

Instead of dealing with the real problem at hand, being how logging creates the perfect environment for fires to start (read more here), the Canadian government has been quietly relying on weather modification experiments, including cloud-seeding .... and in British Columbia, it's causing this : 

And in Saskatchewan, it's causing this ....

Environment Canada is conducting simulated geo-engineering experiments to control climate change. Federal government documents received by former B.C. premier Bill Vander Zalm through a freedom of information request define geo-engineering as the modification of Earth systems. The document notes that geo-engineering methods are classified into two groups: solar radiation management, and carbon dioxide removal from the atmosphere. The briefing paper was prepared in advance of a top-level inter-agency meeting convened by Environment Canada to discuss matters about geo-engineering options to address climate change. (To see how this ties into the Bill Gates agenda, read this article here. ) Last summer, Vander Zalm requested information on climate-control engineering being done by the government. Many suspect that cloud-like streams left by airplanes are chemical trails, or “chemtrails” that contain unknown substances used to alter the weather. The former B.C. premier received 47 pages of documents from the federal government. Six pages were blank, and 10 pages had some portions blacked out. The retired politician said that the papers prove that Canada is into geo-engineering. “There’s no doubt about it,” Vander Zalm told the Straight by phone. “As to what extent and what they’re spending and where they’re doing it, we don’t know exactly.” (Straight News). 

Some problems: One issue is where the rain would have fallen if you hadn't cloud seeded. Does a cloud seeding event in Alberta keep a farmer in Saskatchewan from getting rain that he or she might have received?" "So you're extracting moisture from the atmosphere. That's absolutely correct. However, these clouds would not precipitate in the area," said Friedrich. "They can evaporate and maybe they fall down as precipitation over the ocean [or another area]." (CBC)



Environment Canada : Stop all cloud seeding operations in the province of Alberta

Bill Gates, Harvard, Began Blocking Sun In Spring Of 2019

Sunday, 31 May 2020

BC's Northern Fires Deliberately Set for Proposed Pipeline?

A warning to northern First Nations - guard your land and watch out for new fires this year. Pray to Creator for an abundance of rain this summer, and perform ceremonies that bring rain. Those in power may use DEW lasers that were used in the California fires to force people to evacuate land, including deliberate human-caused fires. The California fires were a deliberate land grab, and also conveniently used after the Australia fires, where the train line was being built. If you're not sure what DEW is, just do a Google image search of "california fires DEW laser" and look at the obvious damage done.

First Nations in Western BC and across Canada are all united and stand together for a very important matter: OPPOSING the Northern Gateway Pipeline and its corruption ... that are partnered with PetroChina and others, who Canada plans on selling to in our GLOBAL economy. There were numerous protests in Canada against the pipeline that were taking place just before the official quarantine was announced - but new COVID19 regulations have conveniently made it hard to organize protests. Alberta’s energy minister says it’s a good time to build the pipeline because public health restrictions limit protests against them - how convenient.

Take note that communities from Bella Coola, Kitimat, and elsewhere are actively involved in standing against this pipeline development that will be passing through First Nations land. Now read some of the headlines below ...
A Bella Coola Harbour landmark has been destroyed by a fire police believe was deliberately set. The BC Packers building known as the Old Cannery was consumed by the blaze which occurred just before midnight Thursday night, June 27.Jun 29, 2019

Between June 10, 2018 and Sept. 2, 2018, there have been four separate suspicious fires on Bella Coola Nuxalk Nation lands; a home in the 900 block of Four Mile, an abandoned trailer in the 800 Block of Four Mile, gas cans set on fire near an apartment in Four Mile as well as a home in the 800 Block of Snuqaax Mamnta have all been the scenes of fire.

“We believe these fires were deliberately set,” said Sgt Rick Skolrood, RCMP NCO In Charge of the Bella Coola detachment.

“No one’s been harmed but there is always a potential so we are taking it very seriously.”

Apr 5, 2012 - The Nuxalk First Nation of Bella Coola announced Thursday it is pulling ... handling of recent hearings in the neighbouring community of Bella Bella. ... after the Heiltsuk Tribal Council greeted panel members with a protest.