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NEXRAD-induced "cloud rolls" appear as lines in the sky - May 10, 2013

Our team of SkyWatchers had posted an entry earlier on May 10th regarding the unusual cloud formations in Calgary, AB. What our residents were witnessing was shocking indeed. The original blog can be viewed here.

These metallic-laced (aerosol) clouds were formed with the help of Doppler stations in close proximity to Calgary, AB. What is interesting is that the radar images on and near the date of May 10th are not available to public, for all areas in Canada. Has this data been intentionally removed and censored to the public? Please see the video below, regarding these strange cloud formations on May 10, 2013:

Our Skywatchers are wondering if this was a test phase for the roll clouds that were geoengineered on June 18th, prior to the Alberta flooding. However, this is pure speculation.

NEXRAD Doppler Station Busted Yet Again - Straight-edged Cloud Line Geoengineered

Many of us have been wondering about those straight-edged cloud lines that we are seeing more often these days. This topic was briefly discussed here. However, using NEXRAD Doppler stations, we can clearly see the correlation. Here is a photo of a Doppler station in Vancouver area (Lower Mainland) emitting electromagnetic waves (ie. radar) towards the Doppler station in Kelowna, BC. With the help of high-altitude sprayed aerosols, these appear as streaks in the sky. We can then see near Merritt, BC where this cloud line has appeared with its straight-edge shape. Although this weather system has picked up natural moisture, this is clearly not a natural weather formation in action. 

Photos taken by one user (Atlantic Skywatch), showing how NEXRAD radar influences cloud patterns

Possible Motives for Geoengineering the Alberta-Flood?

If this storm was intentional, there is much speculation for reasons why this would be done. From our recent article, we learned that this storm was the result of man-made rainfall, which was generated by heavy power plant aerosol emissions in Montana. Interestingly, the Colstrip power plant in Montana was sued over pollution controls back in March of 2013. Alberta also has its share of problems regarding coal plants. Prior to the escalated water levels in Calgary, AB, Montana was similarly facing floods.

It is interesting that India has also suffered major flooding around the same time. Some possible political reasons are stated by Alfred Lambremont Webre in his article. We do not see any organization benefiting from this catastrophe except for large corporations and banks. This is taking into consideration the amount of homes that must be re-built, and packaged products that were purchased for nearly 80,000 flood victims. This would largely include packaged food and beverage companies also. Some readers have suggested the Red Cross being an organization benefiting from this event. Other individuals have suggested that this event is a cover-up (distraction) from other crucially-important events happening at the time, such as the recent Alberta oil spill prior to the flood, gun confiscation, or perhaps worldwide events such as the Syrian war and Egypt / Brazil protests. Another possible reason may be Canada (and Alberta in this case) wanting to sell its oil to China instead of U.S., as America is their largest purchaser. First Nation communities have been hit hard with this flood, and prior to this, their leaders have been standing firmly against expanding new oil sands operations on Native territory. Insurance companies have not to worry, as this type of incident is not covered under their policy. Houses along the riverside that were once worth a fortune have now had their market prices decrease significantly.

As reported by media outlets, this flood followed some 36 hours of unusually heavy rainfall - some communities receiving six months of their normal rainfall in under two days. It is strange indeed, as we have shown. We think that this will be blamed on "global warming" without mentioning a single word on Geoengineering (weather modification) or high-altitude aerosol spraying. We are unsure if this may lead to more carbon taxing of citizens.

However, what we do find interesting is that this recent rain storm system (as was shown) originated from Montana, which along with many other states, has been experiencing severe forest fires recently. We saw that this storm system was intensified and pushed east into North Dakota and Minnesota. Recently, these same areas have been experiencing worsening forest fires. We do not have sufficient evidence as of now, but could the manufacturing of these storms serve as a way of preventing these forest fires, without informing the public? Or could this be a far greater agenda? It is simply a matter of speculation for now.

Alberta Flooding Caused by Doppler Electromagnetism & Montana Power Plant Aerosol Emissions -- PROOF -- Part II

Part I can be read here, which discusses how the storm originated in Montana using artificial precipitation methods, with viewable data from NEXRAD radar. Here is a loop playback of the prairie Doppler radar stations, showing that the storm system is actively being driven up north, as seen from various Doppler stations, into southern Alberta where the flooding worsened. We can see that this storm system is clearly coming up from Montana. The Pacific view of the Doppler stations can be seen here. The full playlist of all videos can be seen here.

If you are not familiar with NEXRAD technology or power plant aerosol emissions and their impact on climate, please watch this video. When viewing the radar animations, the electromagnetic activity emitted from these large Doppler radar sites and its influence on atmospheric particles (i.e. clouds) needs to be thoroughly investigated. These Doppler stations in southern Alberta appear to be working in conjunction with those (NEXRAD) in Montana. Each central point is a Doppler (NEXRAD) station, which emits electromagnetic waves (over 700,000 watts of microwave energy in each pulse) that may steer / intensify / weaken nearby storm systems, sometimes preceded by high altitude aerosol spraying. The military has numerous patents, which use electromagnetic technology that can influence storm systems significantly.

This storm system was steered north, originating from south Montana, possibly using NEXRAD / Doppler stations. Read more about Doppler stations near Calgary here. Their influence on these storm systems can clearly be seen when one observes different sets of radar animation data. Here is a video of potential Doppler electromagnetism moving the storm system from west to east on June 20th.

Here are photos of how the Calgary sky looked after the clouds parted and heavy rainfall desisted, taken in order throughout the day. Another set can be found here. Many signs of the Doppler / NEXRAD effect can be seen in these photos. With signs of aerosol deployed throughout the sky, and NEXRAD (Doppler radar) influence on metallic-laced clouds, this may be the aftermath of a geoengineered storm. Here is a playlist of all unusual weather phenomenon (video footage) linked to this event. There is a video filmed by a resident on June 18th, regarding an unusual cloud formation which is pictured below. Read more about roll clouds being generated at Doppler radar stations here.

Calgary, AB - June 18: Unusual cloud formations have been reported by residents from southern Alberta, which seems to correlate well with what has been described regarding the geoengineering of this storm system.
Satellite / Radar images: Why is the mainstream media not discussing the large amount of rainfall that originated in Montana, where NEXRAD / Doppler radar stations possibly steering the storm north west into southern Alberta?
Photograph of the Doppler Radar Station (CXSM), which is north of Strathmore. Map can be found here.
Heavy aerosol spraying in Montana, days prior to the intense flooding. Once the skies are laced with metallic oxides which mix with new-forming cloud systems, these weather systems can be controlled through the use of EM waves emitted from Doppler stations.
Weather Station in Calgary equipped with numerous satellite equipment. Why is this facility not labelled on Google maps?
Storm Aftermath in Calgary, AB: Remnants of heavy aerosol spray left in the sky the evening of June 21st. These trails are laced with metallic nano-particles, and the Doppler effect can be seen pulsating through them. All photos can be seen here and another set here.
Photograph from a resident: This photo was taken flying over Calgary as the storm progresses on June 20th. What was seen and described by a local were several black jets coming into Calgary above the storm, spraying heavy aerosols. Take note of the NEXRAD-induced ripples that are formed once the sky is pulsed with EM waves, after being laced with these metallic aerosols.
Calgary, AB: NEXRAD-Doppler effect can be seen throughout the sky, affecting these cloud patterns
Calgary, AB: Freshly sprayed aerosols (Chemtrail) swiftly disperse in the sky

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Floods in Southern Alberta Caused by Power Plant Aerosol Emissions in Montana & Neighboring States - SHOCKING EVIDENCE

Firstly, we are surprised that none of the major media outlets have mentioned that the heavy rainfall southern Alberta received in the past two days originated from southern Montana, as seen in satellite imagery below. Prior to the escalated water levels in Alberta, similarly, Montana was also facing severe flooding. The Weather Network explains how the flood developed here, without mentioning a single word about Montana. The media merely tells part of the story, while it continues to be misinformed about the true nature of this storm, as reported by Globe & Mail:
Days of rain coupled with the spring run-off from the Rockies combined to bloat rivers in Alberta, and the flooding is expected to continue over the weekend. The South Saskatchewan River Valley is expected to peak late Sunday afternoon, Mr. Griffiths told reporters.
With the help of satellite images, we are lead to believe that this storm was generated using artificial precipitation methods, which are described in this video. We strongly recommend reading this post discussing weather patents that are being used to control storms and their relation to plume-shaped cloud systems. It is important to understand the weather modification patents that have lead up to this day. It is also crucial that we understand how aerosol emissions from power plants can affect cloud formations and precipitation generated in neighbouring areas, which has been found in recent studies. A great video which discusses this topic can be viewed here. This is not the first time that power plants have caused a freak storm of this nature.

This article will describe how the recent weather pattern formed, which brought majority of the recent flooding of rain into Alberta, accompanied by videos of weather data and NEXRAD animation. A playlist of all events can be viewed here. Part II discusses mainly Calgary and surrounding areas in southern Alberta, strictly using the Pacific and Prairie radar stations' data. Part II can be read here.

Regarding the satellite video below, pay close attention to the storm originating in southern Montana which moves north west into southern Alberta. At about 11 seconds in, we see a tapering arm stretching south to the Wyoming-Idaho border, which later feeds the southern end of the storm for some time. This storm system moves east to join other storms that originate in North and South Dakota. Also, pay attention around these areas of North and South Dakota, to see how storm systems suddenly emerge from central points.

It is important to note how some of these storm systems are tapered , originating from a central point. Some of these central points are shown to be near NEXRAD (Doppler) sites and power plants. NEXRAD towers are capable of emitting electromagnetic waves at different frequencies that can affect weather patterns or particles in the atmosphere. With microwave transmitter capabilities, able of emitting over 700,000 watts in each pulse, these Doppler devices can generate an enormous amount of corona ions (charged particles) which bind to water molecules. The generation of CCN (cloud condensation nuclei) using frequency or electric charge is the corona-effect for ion generation of rain, which can be read about here. More importantly, there are power plants located in Billings and Colstrip, MT, which are capable of producing massive amounts of CCN, which can form into rain clouds and disrupt precipitation patterns. It is important to be aware of these types of artificial anthropogenic precipitation methods, as we believe this may be related to how the cloud system in Montana started.

What is interesting about where some of these storm systems are developing is that they are in close proximity to NEXRAD stations and / or power plants. Below is a snapshot of where the south Montana storm originates, which is near the KBLX NEXRAD station and J.E. Corette Power Plant near Billings, MT:

Environment Canada Satellite Image: Southern Alberta storm originates from south Montana
Above: NEXRAD Station (KBLX) near Billings, MT. Coincidence?
Above: Cloud plumes appearing on NEXRAD radar, suddenly being generated near active power plants, such as the ones found near Billings and Colstrip, MT. Click the photo to enlarge.
The storm system that appears in southern Montana also happens to be near the J.E. Corette Energy Plant. Located along the Yellowstone River on the outskirts of Billings, MT, the J.E. Corette plant is a coal-fired unit owned by PPL Montana, and it has a generating capacity of 153 megawatts. Roughly a hundred miles east is another power plant in Colstrip, MT, capable of producing over 2,000 MW of energy. Recently, in March of 2013, a lawsuit was filed against the Colstrip power plant, over pollution controls. There are numerous studies suggesting a strong correlation between air pollution and its impact on climate. The amount of CCN (cloud condensation nuclei) these types of power plants can produce is astounding, resulting in abundant clouds being generated and possibly heavy precipitation in downwind areas. An important study conducted on the impact of fossil fuel burning from power plants on our climate can be read here. The study suggests that:

The consequences of this technology for aerosol emissions, and in particular the regional scale impact on cloud micro-physics, have not been studied until now. We performed airborne investigations to measure aerosol size distributions in the air masses downwind of coal-fired power installations. We show how the current generation of clean technology reduces the emission of sulphur and fine particulate matter, but leads to an unanticipated increase in the direct emission of ultra-fine particles (1–10 nm median diameter) which are highly effective precursors of cloud condensation nuclei (CCN). Our analysis shows how these additional ultra-fine particles probably modify cloud micro-physics, as well as precipitation intensity and distribution on a regional scale downwind of emission sources. Effectively, the number of small water droplets might be increased, thus reducing the water available for large droplets and rain formation. The possible corresponding changes in the precipitation budget with a shift from more frequent steady rain to occasionally more vigorous rain events, or even a significant regional reduction of annual precipitation, introduce an unanticipated risk for regional climate and agricultural production, especially in semi-arid climate zones.  

Above: The J.E. Corette Power Plant near Billings, MT
Regarding this clean technology, which creates finer particles in power plant emissions, and the fact that the Alberta flood occurred on June 2013, it is quite ironic, especially considering the Colstrip power plant's proposed plans for 2013, which state:
 To increase particulate control to meet the MATS Rule, a wet electrostatic precipitator (Wet ESP) is added in series with each scrubber (pg. J-16) . . . Proposed changes to Section 316(b) issued under the Act will apply to power plants as well as other industrial facilities. They require facilities to utilize “best technology available.” The EPA expects to finalize power plant standards by June 2013 (pg. J-12).
As an example of illustrating anthropogenic clouds generated by means of aerosol emissions (CCN) in Calgary, Alberta, the ENMAX Calgary Energy Centre is a great example. Found on the north east corner edge of Stoney Trail, relying on fossil fuels and the burning natural gas (methane), this power plant is capable of forming enormous amounts of clouds in our sky. Acquired by ENMAX Energy through a subsidiary in 2008, this facility is a 320 megawatt natural gas-fuelled plant. A list of all plants can be found here.

Above: ENMAX Calgary Energy Centre found on the north east corner edge of Stoney Trail (Calgary, AB), generating an abundance of clouds from aerosol emissions. A list of generating stations for Alberta can be found here.
Above: Caught on radar, the Beaver Valley Nuclear Plant in Pennsylvania causes a freak snowstorm in Allegheny and Beaver counties, on Jan, 2013. Read more here

At about 6 seconds into the video, you will notice that the storm system is generated in southern Montana, but more importantly, aerosol plumes from near active power plants can be seen feeding this storm. Some of this phenomenon can be viewed from NEXRAD KBLX radar in Billings, MT. The storm is further driven north by either wind patterns or active NEXRAD / Doppler electromagnetism, possibly using stations in southern Alberta. Later throughout the video, this storm passes east through other NEXRAD-active regions in neighbouring states. Overall, we can see this storm suddenly originating from specific points of interest, initially starting near Billings, Montana, being fed by active power plants, such as the one found in Colstrip, MT. This is what brought majority of the rainfall in the past day, which caused severe flooding for Southern Alberta.

At about 10 seconds into the video, we see numerous other storms suddenly appearing at central points, specifically in North Dakota. These storms later merge with the one that was generated in south Montana. We have uploaded the various NEXRAD animations for these different stations to better depict what was occurring in those areas. You will see the storm systems being fed from specific areas as shown on radar, with possible electromagnetic activity being emitted from these radar stations, which can influence nearby cloud patterns and atmospheric particles. Tracking aerosol plume emissions from power plants using radar is difficult in some cases, due to the dynamics of cloud micro-physics and formations, but it can be seen in some cases.
NEXRAD animation screenshot: Grand Forks, North Dakota - NEXRAD Station (KMVX) for June 20 - 21. Notice where this storm system is tapering from--precisely where the Doppler station is located. 
Map of NEXRAD Stations in the United States: White dots represent active NEXRAD stations, and red dots are those of interest to us, specifically in N/S Dakota and Nebraska.
Photograph of the KMVX NEXRAD station in North Dakota

Above: Is it a coincidence that the North Dakota Rain Project runs annually from June 1 - Aug 31?

With the amount of metallic and non-metallic particles in aerosols that are being sprayed (Geoengineering) in the upper atmosphere daily, which actively collect moisture to form / dissipate clouds, there should be no surprise at how some of these weather patterns are being driven. It is worth noting what Dane Wigington and other experts have to say on this topic. When clouds become laced with metallic particles, these clouds can then be influenced by electromagnetic waves emitted through NEXRAD radar or weather modification satellites. The air acts as a fluid, in which these particles are distributed. This is creating an ongoing problem in many areas and is spoken about here.

After watching the NEXRAD animations, one should be convinced that this is not how natural cloud systems are formed. We can clearly see the weather patterns and cloud formations being affected by electromagnetic waves (ie. radar) emitted from these NEXRAD stations. We have also seen many of the cloud formations to be fed from nearby power plants.

More research is needed in this field, and there needs to be a thorough investigation from officials around various States and Canadian cities for the amount of damage that has been caused in the name of weather modification and anthropogenic climate impacts. Let us not forget what happened during the Vietnam War in the 1960s, and the extent to which weather modification technology has advanced since then. There are also those who will purchase weather at the expense of others.

For possible motives regarding this flood, we have a post dedicated to this discussion. Part II can be read here, which takes a closer look at the radar stations near southern Alberta (and Calgary).

Intellicast Image: June 21st. Active aerosol-spraying continues off the West Coast of U.S. and Canada, which clearly act to intensify active weather systems that are being formed and moving inland.

Above: NEXRAD being documented by user Atlantic Skywatch

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Precipitation Generation caught in S.Dakota feeding Eastern Canada Weather System

Artificial precipitation generation caught in north and south Dakota, feeding this large weather system stretching across the continent from West to Eastern Canada. This weather system has been flooding many areas, causing evacuation and much damage.

Are Doppler and Transmitter / Receiver Devices Altering our Weather?

Our team of SkyWatchers have discovered a new set of large transmitter / receiver stations resembling NEXRAD / Doppler stations in Southern Alberta, just west of High River (see pictures below). They have been identified as belonging to Globalstar :
Globalstar is a low Earth orbit (LEO) satellite constellation for satellite phone and low-speed data communications, somewhat similar to the Iridium satellite constellation and Orbcomm satellite systems.

The devices have been described as Gateways, which can be found on this map:

Gateways are an integral part of the Globalstar ground segment. In addition to the gateways the ground segment includes the Ground Operations Control Center (GOCC), Satellite Operations Control Center (SOCC), and Globalstar Data Network (GDN). 
Each gateway, which is owned and managed by the service provider for the country in which the gateway is located, receives transmissions from orbiting satellites, processes calls, and switches them to the appropriate ground network.  
A gateway may service more than one country. Gateways consist of three or four dish antennas, a switching station and remote operating controls. Because all of the switches and complex hardware are located on the ground, it is easier for Globalstar to maintain and upgrade its system than it is for systems that handle switching in orbit.

In another Globalstar document, the Director General is reported as stating:

We have participated in the RABC’s preparation of its response to the Gazette Notice, and agree in general with most of its comments. We do, however, wish to retain use of the band 6875 - 7055 MHz at the two current sites Smiths Falls and High River for the space-to-Earth feeder-link portion of our network.

These Globalstar devices that were discovered appeared to be in the middle of nowhere, however, there is also a Doppler transmitter / receiver station (ATC radar) in north-east Calgary, which interestingly aligns along the same longitudinal direction (113°58'21.15" W). Please see in the map below:

Map: Two transmitter / receiver devices lying along the same longitudinal direction (113 degrees)
Globalstar Gateway Stations: West of High River: Located off HWY 543 and HWY 783
Satellite view of the set-of-4 transmitter / receiver devices
Photograph from the road view as one drives by these Globalstar devices
Doppler transmitter / receiver (ATC radar) station in Calgary: Located off 36 St NE, near Country Hills, out in the field
Photograph of ATC radar station in Calgary
There is a weather radar (Doppler) station near Strathmore listed here, in which the radar data can be viewedThese "weather" radars and transmitter / receiver stations (Globalstar) are capable of emitting enormous amounts of electromagnetic waves at different frequency ranges. How this EM radiation energy affects our atmosphere and weather patterns is often over-looked. For example, Doppler radar for weather monitoring can emit over 700,000 watts into the sky with each pulse. These waves can actively influence (shape) metallic aerosols and affect our weather patterns. The video below shows how frequencies emitted from such Doppler / NEXRAD and other antennas can affect the atmosphere. It is also worth noting what a rain fade is, keeping in mind that, if rain affects microwave frequency, how does microwave frequency affect rain:
Rain fade refers primarily to the absorption of a microwave radio frequency (RF) signal by atmospheric rain, snow or ice, and losses which are especially prevalent at frequencies above 11 GHz. It also refers to the degradation of a signal caused by the electromagnetic interference of the leading edge of a storm front. Rain fade can be caused by precipitation at the uplink or downlink location. However, it does not need to be raining at a location for it to be affected by rain fade, as the signal may pass through precipitation many miles away, especially if the satellite dish has a low look angle. From 5 to 20 percent of rain fade or satellite signal attenuation may also be caused by rain, snow or ice on the uplink or downlink antenna reflector, radome or feed horn. Rain fade is not limited to satellite uplinks or downlinks, it also can affect terrestrial point to point microwave links (those on the earths surface).

In these photos taken from Intellicast radar, we can see a region of rain / moisture hovering over a large area where the Globalstar devices are located

The frequency used from HAARP matches the capability of NEXRAD (Doppler) radar, as in the creation of plasma in the atmosphere using 0 - 4 MHz. NEXRAD pulses between 0 - 12.4 MHz, placing the HAARP frequency and radar frequency on overlapping spectrum. It has been found that radar (EM waves) is used to generate plasma from a place called SPEAR (in Norway) , and they are using radar as a 'heater' in the same spectrum that NEXRAD radar normally operates on when not in pulse mode (2.7GHz - 3.0GHz). This proves that NEXRAD radar (Doppler stations) is capable of, and is currently being used to induce effects in the atmosphere -- not just observe it. Radar was also used to generate artificial plasma at the MIT research labs, using C-band and S-band, essentially the same bands that NEXRAD radar use. In other words, NEXRAD radar or Doppler stations have the functionality to act as small versions of HAARP or EISCAT, and to function as 'heaters' and plasma / lightning generators / weather modification devices.

In another interesting video below, speaking on the topic of controlling weather, one user shows how the Tinker Air force Base used NEXRAD radar to stop the Oklahoma tornado storm from coming anywhere near the base. This can be seen at 7:20 minutes into the video.

This video below also speaks more about the NEXRAD stations, at about 8:40 minutes into the video:

If southern Alberta wants its natural weather back, these NEXRAD Doppler stations and other transmitter / receiver stations that emit large amounts of energy at varying frequencies into the atmosphere need to be removed.

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