Saturday, 6 July 2013

CENSORED Weather Data and Doppler-influenced Storm on July 4th - Lower Alberta

Here is the weather satellite animation data for Western Canada, regarding the storms developing in southern Alberta. The playback is July 3 - 6.00 am to July 4 - 11.00 pm MST. Take note of where the strange tapering plumes (storms) are developing in S.Alberta. We are uncertain of where the source of this cloud formation is being fed from.

On July 4th, Calgary residents and others in southern Alberta were issued a tornado warning from Environment Canada. What was not mentioned to the public was the censoring of our weather data.

During this animation playback above, take note of the screen blackout which occurs on July 3 immediately after 20:30 UTC. We are astonished at the amount of data that was taken out of this loop. There is a large segment missing between July 3, 20:30 and July 4, 6:00 UTC. These frames have been removed from the satellite images. We believe this data has been intentionally censored out, prior to the developing severe storm in southern Alberta. Several Doppler stations in Western Canada also had their data removed during this time, prior to heavy electromagnetic pulsing coming from the NEXRAD / Doppler stations in the Prairies region. We also checked the data for Eastern Canada, and noted similarly this censoring to the public in selected areas. Furthermore, we also noted that July 4, 19:30 - 20:30 UTC (1:30 - 2:30 pm MST) has been censored out.

Several Doppler stations in Western Canada have had their data censored from the public. Prior to almost all stations appearing blank, note the strong EM-pulsation at the Prairie stations, such as Calgary, Medicine Hat and others.
We have provided several Doppler animations for review of the developing storms in southern Alberta here. From the detailed video, we can see that the storm initially begins near Wetaskiwin, AB, in which we are uncertain of where exactly all this moisture is coming from. The Doppler station (centred at Strathmore, AB) becomes very active in what appears to be generation of plasma clouds shortly afterwards, driving the growing storm system south. This can be seen better by looking at the plasma clouds generated around the Doppler station that have become concentrated, pointing towards the storm system. During this time, the sky in parts of Calgary went from blue to a thin blanket of white. This can be further analysed in our weather time lapse video. In that video,  pay close attention to the artificial ionospheric plasma clouds produced by nearby Doppler stations that can generate electromagnetic waves in the same frequency range as HAARP. These EM-induced clouds can be seen driven by EM frequency (from Doppler station) from right to left in the video. Then shortly afterwards, we see the developing storm system is driven in from left to right, advancing in the opposite direction.

At this point, it becomes more clear to see the straight-edged cloud system that has formed, using EM frequencies emitted from the Doppler station. This is further manifested when one takes a close look at the thin and bent linear arm that is pulsed in the same direction. During this time, further strange anomalies can be seen near Lake Louis, which is pictured below:
Doppler station at Strathmore, AB: Note the strange linear arm (at centre) being driven south along with the storm system, towards the Doppler centre using electromagnetic frequencies. Another strange anomaly can be seen near Lake Louis (left), as three bent linear arms of clouds have become stretched, mimicking the circumference of the radar.
Once the west arm of the storm system has reached the centre of the Doppler station, and after EM pulsation from the Doppler station has appeared to cease, the storm system stops going south and resumes its natural motion east. Meanwhile, there are other numerous storm systems developing south of Calgary, during the video playback.

Video footage of the storm making its way into northern Calgary (6:30 pm) can be seen here. Note how the southern end of the storm is well defined by its linear (radar-pulsed) edge. This also seems to be consistent with the radar at this time. The storm system appeared to be moving very fast, despite the apparent wind speed. Very low clouds were also spotted separately moving below this system.

We noted that the cloud system near the Rockies seems to appear quiet in the beginning of the video, however, as soon as the Doppler station becomes active in pulsing, one can see stretched cloud
systems being driven north east directly towards the Doppler station centre. Furthermore, note the strange cloud system forming near Hanna, AB here. It appears to hold very little moisture, and has no apparent source for its cloud development.

There may be more strange anomalies and other natural formations not discussed in the length of this entry. Please notify us if you come across anything interesting.

Red Deer, AB: This is a photograph sent in by one of our Skywatchers, facing north as the storm system passed over this town. It is interesting to note the shape of these clouds, which are referred to by meteorologists as mammatus clouds. However, one must consider how these clouds form in response to artificial radiative heating from EM waves emitted by ground or air-based devices.
Calgary, AB: NEXRAD-pulsed clouds prior to the storm
Calgary, AB: On-lookers stand in astonishment, viewing the intensity of this strange storm
North-east in Calgary, AB: In this photograph, an unusually low, long tapering cloud appears to be moving from left to right, immediately above the houses
Could this be the linear bent arm we saw being driven south in the radar?
Another photograph showing the intensity of this oncoming storm


  1. I was just leaving Calgary at 10:00 am just before High River was evacuated and I caught a plane seeding the ripples in the clouds. Here is a link to the image on my facebook group

  2. Hello. I live just 50 miles south of the Canadian border in Kalispell, MT (Glacier Park area). Just two days before the Alberta flood our skies were being bombarded with more chemtrails than I have ever seen. Normally our skies are fairly quite, only a chemtrail here or there. Then again on July 1st the planes were back and the awful chemtrails started back in earnest. I knew they were after poor Alberta again.

  3. Please see these satellite photos/loop asap!! See what's out on the coast that they never show anymore on weather reports. I have been blasting them all with this info, and telling them what cowards they are to continue to hide all of this from the people, all for a paycheck. I am just north of Calgary, and they are blasting with rain again, I fear for the flood victims, again!

  4. I was blocked from commenting on the facebook page for uploading big fat chemtrails sprayed right over my house north of calgary a couple days before the big flood. I could post it to you if you want.

    I was also in Airdrie last Saturday when that hail hit, but it was nothing like they've been showing on TV and I can't figure out where they have gotten those photos from. It is the strangest thing to know you were there, and didn't see that much hail happening. Someone said it was probably from Taber or Irricana, I can't be sure though and why lie about it being in Airdrie.

    These people drive me nuts with their lies and comliancy.

    1. Thank you for your comment. Please email your photos to : . Also, we would love to have you on our FB group "Calgary Skywatch" . July 6th is a very significant event to cover. We have the relevant data for this event, yet will need more time to post.

  5. Cool page man, glad your might want to check out Weather Wars, Scott Stevens site....I'm in Sylvan Lake, and they are not telling us the truth, I do not trust their Doppler images....or Satellite Face Book banned me off The Weather network for having the gaul to post a print screen shot of their radar showing no clouds for 100 kms and then 5 images I took minutes later showing the HUGE storm we were getting pounded by, so I posted them together so the times and dates showed, and proved I was not BS'ing them...and I was banned from Weather Network......

  6. Has anyone else noticed that they stopped spraying during the Stampede?
    I have not seen one single chemtrail these past few days.
    I suppose air traffic has stopped entirely.
    By the way, I was almost caught up in the tornado that touched down in Airdrie last year and I saw them with my own eyes spraying before the storm.
    Would you believe they came out two days later in the papers and admitted to seeding the clouds?
    Only according to them, we should have thanked them: without their intervention, they want us to believe it might have been worse!
    Do they really think we are dumber than we are...

  7. Love the posts..Just wanted to say to everyone who reads this to keep an eye out for groups for like-minded people :) I think it would be beneficial to form an underground network of ppl who are awake or who want to occupy the NWO. Also, the people's movement for disclosure in north america. There's a CE-5 group somewhere I just can't find em.

  8. Very interesting article. Like it very much.

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