Sunday, 28 July 2013

Montana NEXRAD Station Generates Storm for Saskatchewan

We have tracked a storm system that originated near Great Falls, MT Doppler station, its tapering point being pushed east towards Glasgow, MT Doppler station. The developing storm also increased in intensity, with parts of it going north into South Saskatchewan, and ending up also in Manitoba. The whole playlist for this event can be viewed here

Could it be more obvious than this?

Above: Sometimes satellite images say it all. Visible satellite can be viewed here.
Above: Red dot indicates location for NEXRAD station - Great Falls, MT (KTFX)
Above: Great Falls, MT (KTFX) NEXRAD Station - July 28 - 07:28 UTC 

Above: Are NEXRAD stations and geoengineering methods (i.e. cloud-seeding) using our
tropospheric rivers by diverting moisture to generate these storms? See the water vapour loop here.
Above: Eureka, CA (KBHX) NEXRAD Station - Moisture as seen above in satellite, travelling north east. July 28 - 01:30 UTC

Above: Medford, OR (KMAX) NEXRAD Station - Depicting the path of moisture. July 28 - 01:28 UTC
Above: Glasgow, MT (KGGW) NEXRAD station influences this storm further, after being tossed from the Great Falls, MT (KTFX) station, as it heads east. July 28 - 16:58 UTC 

1 comment:

  1. I want to really thank you for your most timely critical website that should go viral across Canada let alone Alberta!!!!!!! I salute you sir!!!!!

    This explains all the terrible monster winds/storms lately in southeast central Saskatchewan, that did cause some damage to our farm. I am surprised the trees did not snap in half; watching them bend like licorices was bad enough. We had some exterior damage too.

    Yes we also reside in the tornado alert/warning area at the time, but luckily we did not get hit!!!!

    In last several days, my partner had to turn up the furnace and wear warm jackets as this is DEFINITELY NOT normal summer weather either. Its more like fall and soon many farmers's crops will fail because of unseasonable temperatures!

    We are still trying to rectify the flooding disaster from the last couple of years and we are really concerned as to what will come next?

    Also, we have seen alot of very strange weather manipulations, including one last year where the lightning kept going on in one spot for hours and hours in the northeast sky. Strangely a week later, it came back again and repeated in the exact same spot!!!!

    I finally called the government weather station to report this, and strangly about 10-15 minutes later it just shut down. Hmmmm....interesting. Why am I not surprised actually. We both witness this and have some of it on video. I sure would like to know what you think about that particular strange event Joseph?

    At any rate...I hope you will get as much support as possible with your EXCELLENT research and website! People really need to wake up fast before the next disasters are created and/or censorship further in the works! Then it might be too late.
    And all with our hard earned taxpaying dollars too! Damn!!!!

    People wake up!!!! Please...make this site go viral, spread the word and kept at it like a eddie current until our society finally wakes up, and hopefully stands up against it all!!!!

    Thank you again so much Joseph! Godspeed bro, and always stay safe too!