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Weather Patents Prove Control of Storm Systems

Above: An illustration of Patent# 2881335
We present information from the U.S. Patent Office for weather patent # 2881335, which dates back to 1959, entitled "GENERATION OF ELECTRICAL FIELDS". This is one of many weather patents in this field. Although this patent is probably quite outdated, we would imagine that it has been updated with the most recent technology involving electromagnetism methods. This should land as proof that the "Doppler anomalies" with tapering plume-shaped storms that we are seeing being generated near the centre of Doppler centres are man-made. This document even mentions the "plumes" by name, the super-charging of storms, and being able to steer storms using charged particles and electromagnetism. Full text is not available for this patent on-line, and may have been removed. We provide some snippets from the patent:

This invention relates to the conversion of mechanical energy into electrical energy and
more particularly to a regenerative system for charging bodies or clouds. It is desirable in many processes to be able to control the charge on a stream or body of discrete particles such as fine liquid droplets, aerosols, dust particles, etc...
Above: Perhaps the spraying of
aerosol has several uses?
 Likewise depositing similar charges on a cloud or stream of aerosols or dust particles, for example, offers the possibility of directing the flow of such particles by means of electrical attraction to a target.
It is a further object to provide a method whereby the aqueous particles of cumulus clouds may be charged rapidly with a total charge sufficient to induce lightning and a subsequent rain storm. 
In Fig. 3 there is shown a modification of the process of this invention as it may be applied to controlling the charges on particles making up clouds. Thus, cloud plumes ... are comparable to electrodes ... An extremely high-voltage would be required in order to ionize the surrounding air constituents and particles contained in the air in order to enable them to deposit their charges on the cloud particles.
Above: Cloud ionizer umbrella
at Denver International Airport
The fast negative ions produced in the air by reason of discharge by Point 25 are then drawn by plate 30 through the smoke or cloud stream as it emerges from source 23, where these ions become attached to the cloud particles. The movement of the air then carries these charged cloud ‘Particles, such as 27, out into the plume 21 away from plate 30.
The accumulation of negative charges in the top of cloud plume 21 causes point 24 to give point discharge and to produce a stream of fast-moving positive ions which become attached to the ‘cloud particles in plume 20 as they emerge in the cloud stream from source 22. The accumulation of positive charges in cloud plume 20 then becomes sufficient to maintain point discharge from point 25. When this occurs, the arrangement is self-exciting, and high voltage need no longer be applied to plate 30.
In the case of the cloud plumes of Fig.3, the fine cloud droplets or particles are so small that their movement is determined by the movement of the environmental air more than by the electric field as in the arrangement illustrated in Fig.1. Thus, the force of the air (or other gas coming from sources 22 and 23 which may be natural air currents) carries the particles with it to build up the cloud plumes 20 and 21 shown.
Above: Artificial ion generation
Such methods of controlling cloud formations may be applicable to a number of various problems. First, for example, there is the application of this method of particle charging to the creation and control of thunderstorms. When the charges in clouds 20 and 21 become great enough to create a sufficiently intense field between them, there will be lightning across the clouds and a subsequent rainstorm.
Industrial applications of this method of charging a cloud of particles include such uses as the removal of particles from a fluid stream, the atomization of liquids, and the deposition of finely divided particles on areas (ie. aircraft spraying of aerosols) ...

We realize that this patent intends to make use of ionization methods to control weather, and there has been a wealth of research done on artificial atmospheric ionization. One such article which discusses this is entitled, ARTIFICIAL ATMOSPHERIC IONIZATION: A Potential Window for Weather Modification. It can also be accessed on-line. A video regarding how electricity is being used to produce precipitation can be viewed here.

Above: Controlling weather systems. Sound familiar?
Perhaps this type of technology can help explain why we are seeing numerous thunderstorms suddenly appear near airports, such as this one (below) that was seen next to Vulcan Airport in Alberta. We are finding such anomalous storms appear to be generated or super-charged in the same specific areas over and over again. Another interesting phenomenon worth reading is rain fade, keeping in mind that, if rain affects microwave frequency, how does microwave frequency affect rain.

Above: Doppler radar for Strathmore, AB, showing a tapering storm appearing near Vulcan Airport (CFX6)
Above: Next to Vulcan Airport, AB. We know that ionizers are being used at airports, however, we are unsure what this device is used for.
Above: Location of device near Vulcan Airport, AB

There is also great article entitled, Corona ion induced atmospheric potential gradient perturbations near high voltage power lines, which discusses how high voltage power lines can be strong enough to ionize the air and affect weather conditions, as well as their adverse health effects to humans. The article can be read here. The only thing this article does not take into consideration for its studies is how electromagnetic activity emitted from transmitter antennas (telephone towers, etc), airports, and Doppler stations (ie. NEXRAD) can affect these ions. Read more about the Doppler Effect here. We provide some snippets from the article about corona ions:

The Earth’s atmosphere is slightly conducting due to the presence of small ions created by ionising radiation, such as airborne and terrestrial radioactivity and cosmic rays. Once created, an ion will attract water molecules to form a small cluster ion w 1 nm in size. Though many remain as small ions, some either recombine with a small ion of opposite polarity or attach to an aerosol altering its charge (Harrison and Carslaw, 2003). There are also anthropogenic sources of ions; for example from traffic (Israelsson and Lelwala, 1999), industrial activity (Jones and Jennings, 1977; Laurent and Peyrous, 1979) or from high voltage (HV) power lines (Chalmers, 1952; Mühleisen, 1953; Jayaratne et al., 2008). 
 [Insert: What is not mentioned above as a source of ions is the massive spraying of nano-sized metallic particles into our atmosphere during Geoengineering aerosol operations. For example, read or search U.S. Patent #5003186, Patent #3813875, Patent #3899144, Patent #4362271, Patent #4412654, Patent #4684063 ... the list goes on]
The alternating electric field near to a high voltage (HV) power cable can be strong enough to ionise the air, creating corona ions. Ions are created by the process of corona avalanching, where electrons are accelerated towards or away from the cable colliding with molecules and creating further ion electron pairs. The field is stronger when there is damage to, or protrusions (such as dirt or water droplets) on the line, so more ions are produced (Mombello et al., 2001).

Above: Take note of how the HAARP system works, as we believe there is a direct correlation with weather modification. The transmitter pictured to the far right is precisely what NEXRAD / Doppler devices are, along with numerous transmitter antennas equipped and electromagnetically-active throughout the country. HAARP is used to study the alteration of the atmosphere, and there are weather patents that link this connection. The technology of HAARP is now being used at a local level, in conjunction with our weather system technology. 

Perhaps we have an answer for these strange amounts of condensation suddenly appearing out of nowhere on our satellite images. And it provides also an answer to the tapering plume-shaped storm systems we are seeing being generated in close proximity to NEXRAD / Doppler stations around the country. The question we must answer ourselves: how is the use of this technology affecting ground water and moisture content in local areas, especially for drought-developing conditions? Should we really trust in whose hands this technology lies, artificially diverting and misplacing moisture to areas that it would otherwise not move? Should we really mess with Mother Nature, by depleting one area of moisture for another, thereby disturbing the natural water cycle and moisture patterns?

Above: Let's keep our natural ecosystems and environment natural
Above: NEXRAD-induced storms - Original image here. The latest inventions in  weather modification using electromagnetism methods listed in patents. Ask a meteorologist if it is normal to have these tapering plume-shaped cloud systems originate from near the centre of doppler / NEXRAD stations, being passed from one to another. Are these storms caused by global warming or storms caused by geoengineering? 
Above: Original image here. Although he could have done it himself, the Bethune (near Regina) Doppler station would personally like to thank Glasgow, MT and Minot, ND Doppler stations for the minor support in generating this tapered plume-shaped storm system.
Above: Original image here. North/South Dakota plume-shaped storms - NEXRAD stations connecting the dots for us.

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