Sunday, 3 November 2013

Lethbridge, Alberta - Less Affected by Artificial Weather?

Lethbridge, AB has been named as one of the sunniest cities in Canada, with mild winters and very little snowfall (precipitation) as compared to other places in Alberta. Take a look at the Doppler radar, and notice that Lethbridge, AB lies in an out-skirt area where electromagnetic activity from the Doppler is nearly diminished. Other areas west of Lethbridge also share this commonality. Lethbridge received some of the least snowfall. Heavy snow came down in areas south east of Calgary, around Standard, AB, where there is a fertilizer manufacturing factory and a Husky Oil Plant, disbursing precipitation-affecting aerosols into the air.

MPR News informs us:

Meteorologists have known for decades that waste plumes…the vented heat and moisture from power plants can produce clouds and showers downwind. Now this phenomenon has been captured by Doppler radar. It is called “Nuke Effect” snow. It appears Pennsylvania’s Beaver Valley Nuclear Power Plant near Shippingport generated enough waste heat and moisture in this bitter air mass to create a “nuke effect” snow plume downwind. Up to an inch of snow was reported under the narrow, localized snow plume.

Here’s the Doppler radar image from Pittsburgh showing the plume drifting downwind.
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