Tuesday, 16 July 2013

SHOCKING: Dopper Stations Responsible for Saskatchewan Storms

We had just put out an important post detailing how a storm system was generated in north-eastern Montana using the Doppler Station in Glasgow, MT. During that same time, Saskatchewan was also issued tornado warnings by Environment Canada. Saskatchewan Doppler stations have been caught generating two intense storms using electromagnetic energy.

Why is it that time-and-time again, we are finding these suddenly-appearing storm plumes being strangely generated from specific points that precisely align with the centre of Doppler stations? These recent storms appear to be generated from near the centre of Doppler stations and strangely taper towards the centre of the Doppler stations. Our only plausible explanation is the use of electromagnetic waves to control our weather that has been  documented in weather modification patents for a long time. The playlist for all related videos can be seen here. Please see the video below:

Video: Storms generated using Radisson & Bethune Doppler Stations in Saskatchewan

The satellite animation for these storms can be seen here and here. Upon watching the Prairie Radar, initially we see quiet activity in the Prairie Doppler stations. Then suddenly, the Doppler Station for Foxwarren (near Brandon) begins pulsing, attracting the tapering storm that was generated by the Glasgow, MT NEXRAD station. This video shows the plume of that same storm generated by the Glasgow Station, which is pushed north-east towards Brandon, MB. We also believe that electromagnetic repulsion may have been assisted by the Minot AFB, ND (KMBX) Station to further push this system north into Brandon, MB. Meanwhile, during this time we see the Doppler Station for Bethune (near Regina) begin pulsing, and then generates a plume-like storm system that is later shown tapering towards the centre of the Bethune Doppler Station. Shortly afterwards, we see the Radisson Doppler Station (near Saskatoon) pulsing electromagnetic waves to create yet another strange storm system, also with its tapering arm oriented towards the centre of the Radisson Doppler Station. During this time, we also see the Edmonton Doppler Station passing its storm system (with accompanying wind) south-east, directly towards Saskatoon.

Above: Satellite Image of the Storms at 1:15 UTC - Pay close attention to the tapering plumes in areas near Glasgow, MT, Foxwarren, MB, Bethune, SK, and Radisson, SK.

Above: In the top-left photo, the red dot represents the location of the Glasgow, MT NEXRAD Station, and the red arrow roughly depicts the general direction of the tapering plume generated in the top-right photo. It is important that the video is watched.

Above: Doppler Image of Foxwarren, MB Station at 1:10 UTC. Note the tapering plume whose tip can be seen passing directly through the centre of the Doppler station. Also take note of the tapering storm arm  (S.W.) that appears to be connected to Glasgow, MT.
Above: Doppler Station Bethune (near Regina) at 1:10 UTC. Note the tapering arm to the east that is oriented north east. 
Above: Doppler Station Radisson (near Saskatoon) at 1:10 UTC. Also note the tapering arm oriented north-east, generated by this radar station. During this time, the storm system coming from near Edmonton's Doppler Station is being pushed towards this Doppler station.

We also noted multi-networked NEXRAD stations working in unison (Montana, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, etc.) to further feed moisture north-east into Montana and lower Saskatchewan. One can see here,  Nevada and Utah NEXRAD station feeding moisture north to Idaho station, which then feeds east to Montana (also see satellite images). We then see the Glasgow, MT station feeding this system north east, into S.E. Saskatchewan. This network of NEXRAD stations is intricate and sophisticated, and we believe there to be a correlation between these interacting stations, and this can be seen on satellite images.

As suggested, we believe these storm systems are generated and driven through the use of electromagnetic methods outlined in numerous weather modification patents described in our recent posts. Furthermore, Environment Canada has removed satellite image frames for North America in between July 15, 21:30 UTC and July 16, 2:45 UTC.

Above / Below: Environment Canada and U.S. Satellites censoring out what may appear to be sprayed aerosols going across Saskatchewan and other areas. We believe this may be the case, as we have seen this type of satellite anomaly related to aerosol spraying and have documented it numerous times.

Above: Very faint remnants of the relevant (networked) NEXRAD-induced weather system can be seen stretching from lower Utah into S.W. Montana, going diagonally north-east into S.E. Saskatchewan. This can further be seen in animation here.
It is interesting to note how these storms in Saskatchewan and the U.S. are lined up north-south almost along the same longitude
Censored out data (top-right) in Arctic regions is quite typical for Environment Canada. One wonders if this censoring has anything to do with what Rosalind Peterson and Dane Wigington have warned the public about, regarding active Geoengineering in northern regions in order to exploit natural resources?

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  1. Unfortunately media is feeding the conspiracy dialogue using the words Chem Trails - use the correct name - Atmospheric Geo-engineering - a climate "shield inhibitor" to reduce solar radiation under the disguise of global warming. And while you are all lost in dah dah land you miss the real purpose of this Geo-engineering. Use a moments logic and think this through - you place a shield in the jet stream - aluminum silicate mixed with long strand polymers contain barium and other undesirable toxins. The shield blocks the sun and the area above the shield get warm..directly below the shield in the shadow - it is cooler, and below that air mass is warm air. So what happens when you have cold air above hot - the cold air drops - when it does it displaces the warm air below which rises - the storm front and air mass moves and you get a spin - if this happens over dry areas - you get "super cells" and massive lightening storms and many tornadoes at higher category. If this happens over the ocean say out in the warmer climates - the cold air dropping would force warmer wet air to rise and the spin will become a hurricane - a massive one.

    What is the purpose - profit - someone has to rebuild it - fear and dependency on corrupted governments and corporations, at a time when our human need is tested to the limits with disaster. What is the cover - global warming and carbon taxation world wide. Why - Profit - plain and simple - and control of people through fear and consequent subjugation of your rights.
    This is not conspiracy theory - this is called business as usual - the more you complain about Chem trails the more they believe how stupid people are - while we are all caught in the propaganda distraction the real game is destroy and rebuild - profit and control - why not - people will believe anything.