Saturday, 22 June 2013

NEXRAD Doppler Station Busted Yet Again - Straight-edged Cloud Line Geoengineered

Many of us have been wondering about those straight-edged cloud lines that we are seeing more often these days. This topic was briefly discussed here. However, using NEXRAD Doppler stations, we can clearly see the correlation. Here is a photo of a Doppler station in Vancouver area (Lower Mainland) emitting electromagnetic waves (ie. radar) towards the Doppler station in Kelowna, BC. With the help of high-altitude sprayed aerosols, these appear as streaks in the sky. We can then see near Merritt, BC where this cloud line has appeared with its straight-edge shape. Although this weather system has picked up natural moisture, this is clearly not a natural weather formation in action. 

Photos taken by one user (Atlantic Skywatch), showing how NEXRAD radar influences cloud patterns

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  1. Very hard work to bring us all onto the same page, friend. Thank you for your efforts.