Thursday, 20 June 2013

Active Aerosol-spraying off the West Coast

We are getting lots of rain in southern Alberta, causing some major flooding. Meanwhile, our government, or whatever they are endorsing in commercial jet fuel, has been actively spraying aerosols off the West Coast. Here is a photo from Intellicast satellite image below, which is merely one example. One can clearly see the "line" in the aerosols that were deployed. These aerosols collect moisture as they move inland, strengthening the oncoming weather front to be able to produce more desired rain or cloud cover.

It is quite interesting in noting the size of this weather front, stretching across the entire continent, from West to East. It is also bringing rain into some states in the U.S.

 This is a similar image (below) provided by Environment Canada. As usual, they have censored out portions of the satellite (dark region), hiding aerosols or weather modification patterns in clouds that they do not want the public to see.

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