Monday, 28 April 2014

NEXRAD Climate Engineering using Electromagnetism - U.S. - April 26/14

For the first time ever, we are now able to see how the nation's weather develops near active NEXRAD sites. In the video. each dot representations a NEXRAD Doppler site, capable of emitting over 700,000 watts of microwave energy in each pulse. We can clearly see developing weather systems being affected in areas within close proximity to these NEXRAD sites. With large receiver and transmitter capacity, these devices can act like local HAARP stations. Weather patents and research for climate engineering supports this theory (see below).

We believe that these devices are using electromagnetic forces to actively alter moisture flux divergence patterns, synoptic fronts, upper air surroundings, the jet stream, and other naturally-occurring weather patterns. This may also be further achieved through the deployment of metallic aerosols sprayed with jets, and power plant aerosol emissions creating excessive moisture from the ground.

The second NEXRAD map used (with red dots) is nearly accurate, with the exception of some of the far north eastern states. We tried our best to overlay the map accurately within another layer:

To learn more about how power plant aerosols affect our weather, see this video below:

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Should Canada embrace for more US-driven Floods?

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Should Canada embrace for more US-driven Floods?

Power plant aerosol emissions from Western States are being driven into Canada via NEXRAD frequency. This raises concern for Canadian provinces in the Prairies, such as Saskatchewan and Manitoba, including other southern cities in different provinces. This also occurred during the Calgary flood. See current animation:

You can see the weather system being fed from plumes originating from California, Nevada, and other states. The moisture is clearly originating from ground in some areas. This convoluted weather system now stretches from Mexico to Alaska:

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