Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Snow in the U.S. - Is it Tainted with Chemicals?

When watching the video below, keep in mind some of the weather patents related to ice-nucleation and other Geoengineering operations. Patent US5360162 A, published in 1994:

A method for precipitating atmospheric water by means of multicomponent aerosols, including iodide based complex multicomponent aerosol compositions. The compositions comprise a solid mass formed by a compacted mixture of silver iodide and the iodides, iodates, and periodates of alkali metals, lead, copper, BARIUM ; AMMONIA, barium chromate, and selected oxidizers such as ammonium perchlorate, and fuels such as poly-p-phenylene, phenol formaldehyde resin, epoxide resin, and shellac and mixtures thereof. The compositions, upon burning, produce an aerosol effective to promote atmospheric water precipitation. (US Patent: , Canada Patent: cipo/cpd/eng/patent/2069138/summary.html )

This leaves us some questions: What are the health and environmental effects of spraying such chemicals into our air? Should we not be opposing such actions, and lobbying our government? Why does Environment Canada keep on insisting that the lingering persistent contrails (white streaks) seen behind certain high-altitude jets are simply the product of water vapour? Should we not be testing for the presence of such chemicals in our rain and snow? The only way to determine the presence of chemical aerosol agents is to test such samples of snow / rain in a lab. By reading the weather patents, we can determine what it is that we are searching for.

Where are barium compounds being purchased before they are disbursed into our air?


  1. Hi Joseph, I'm a big fan of your site but this fake snow story isn't true. Please watch this on youtube:

    1. Thank you for your comment. The article will be updated accordingly

  2. Please look at precip under a microscope.