Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Was Storm Sonia a Product of Climate Engineering?

Often times climate-engineering aerosols are sprayed in a certain fashion in order to influence the jet stream or connect storm systems. Why is the local weather media not showing us the "whole"picture with regards to Storm Sonia and its moisture being channelled by Doppler sites into the States and Canada?

Above is a rough timeline of the life cycle of Storm Sonia that devastated parts of Mexico with severe flooding. Was it climate engineered? Were aerosol dumps used to manufacture this storm? Was satellite or land-based electromagnetic energy used to intensify the storm cell? This we can only speculate. What we are certain of is that this storm was stationary for over 12 hours, growing intensely, and finally began moving towards the coast. It dropped a load of rain on northern Mexico, while its moisture was also being channelled and brought into the States via the NEXRAD network. The question remains: how much of this moisture fell on Mexico and how much of it was transferred into the States? Did any SkyWatchers notice chemical aerosols being sprayed in their skies along this trail of well-connected moisture prior to or during Storm Sonia?

A playlist for various satellite views of the developing Storm Sonia can be viewed here.

Moisture was being electromagnetically-driven through Texas' NEXRAD sites into the States through the active Doppler network. This can be seen in photos here. Furthermore, an enormous roll cloud was spotted in Texas on Nov 3/13, like the one that formed over Washington's NEXRAD site months ago. The roll cloud was seen stretching across Canyon, TX, and formed near Amarillo, TX NEXRAD station (KAMA). Could this all be linked?

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