Friday, 15 November 2013

WEATHER COVER-UP: Low Pressure Zone Created near Lac Sactor, QC Doppler Site

Why do we find this low pressure zone suddenly created near Lac Sactor, QC around 13:00 UTC, and then suddenly disappearing thereafter? Interestingly, when we observe Environment Canada's Doppler sites' data, it appears that data has been removed for Lac Sactor, QC Doppler site at 13:20 UTC (and 13:50). The question we must ask ourselves is, why? This should serve as no surprise to Canadian citizens however, as Environment Canada has been known to censor crucial weather (climate-engineered) data from the public, on a daily basis. See the video below for complete visual details.

Doppler weather radar sites are now equipped with powerful microwave transmitters, able to transmit over 700,000 watts in each pulse. Microwaves have been shown in experiements to drastically alter the weather and atmospheric conditions, so should we be surprised what these devices are capable of? To see an experiment displaying how tornadoes can be created artificially by using microwave emissions, check out this video. More can be learned about weather Dopplers' climate-altering capabilities here.

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