Saturday, 28 September 2013

Pulsed Skies and Aerosol throughout parts of Western Canada & U.S.

Sept 28/13 - We see vast parts of the sky being covered and our natural sunlight being blocked as this aerosol-laced weather front moves in from the West. Clearly, spraying planes were seen in Alberta and Western states (Nevada, Washington, Oregon, etc). Calgary skies were filled with Doppler signatures of electromagnetic frequency left in the metallic-laced clouds. May the Creator destroy those who pervert our skies, and restore our weather in due time.

Above: A video depicting the sky and sprayed aerosols that covered Calgary's sky on Sept 28/13

Above video: Linear Weather Front Pulsed using Electromagnetic Frequency in Southern Alberta and Montana. The edge of the cloud line to the West of the linear front appears to be held in place

Are we looking at sprayed aerosols forming these lines that collect moisture as they head inland?
Calgary, AB
Calgary, AB: Take note of the plane that is spraying these aerosols
Notice the pulsed linear features appearing in the clouds just West of Calgary

Calgary, AB

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