Sunday, 8 September 2013

Mexico's stolen moisture driven into the States and Canada

Sept 7/13 - Can we pinpoint where all this moisture coming into the Prairies is originating from? The moisture can be seen originating all the way from Mexico, being pulsed / pushed (using electromagnetism) through active NEXRAD / Doppler regions -- hence the numerous "Doppler" anomalies seen in these cloud formations. The weather media fails to show us the "whole picture" of weather-related phenomenon and satellite images, while failing to mention a single word about this moisture coming all the way from Mexico, making its way through active NEXRAD sites. We have also noted a link to Hawaii in this postIs this natural, man-made, or man altering natural? We let the reader decide, after reading a partial glimpse of weather patents provided below, which are merely scratching the surface with regards to "moisture transport" . Also note in the last photo the "moisture" adhering to the radar circumference at Glascow, MT NEXRAD / Doppler station. This is quite common when NEXRAD sites are actively pulsing out electromagnetic frequencies, often leaving behind "Doppler" signatures in cloud formations.

Above: Brandon and Winnipeg Prairie Doppler sites begin pulsing actively during this time, further charging and driving in the connected storm systems
Above: Glasgow, MT NEXRAD radar site --Note the "moisture" adhering to the radar circumference

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