Monday, 5 August 2013

Kansas Storm Super-Charged by NEXRAD

Above: Animation of where the storm is being super-charged. Click the video title (top) for a larger view
Above: Satellite Image: The storm in the centre (Kansas). The storm appears to be fed near Goodland, KS
Above: Satellite IR Image. The storm appears to be generated at a central point near Goodland, KS, as shown in the video.
Above: Goodland, KS (KGLD) NEXRAD radar creating a plume of moisture. Watch the animation here.
Above: Dodge City, KS (KDDC): Storm being influenced from more than one area. 
Above: Denver, CO (KFTG) - Moisture accumulation heading east towards Kansas
Above: Grand Island, NE (KUEX) - More than one hand in the storm

 Above: Another Kansas storm on Aug 02/13. Click here for details.

 Above: Kansas storm on Aug 2, seen from different NEXRAD viewpoints. Click here for details.

 Above: The Kansas storms are nothing new. Click here for details.

Above: Is Texas Rainfall Enhancement being used elsewhere? Click here for details
Above: Original image here. Deja vu -- It looks like Kansas is being fed more rain and storms to drought-stricken areas, in exchange for moisture diverted from other areas, such as drought-struck Mexico and south California's tropospheric river. This is all done with the help of NEXRAD and other devices used for Geoengineering. We see this Kansas storm being generated again-and-again, but why aren't officials discussing this large-scale weather modification program in the U.S.? Are they worried the public might revolt if they know what their tax dollars are being used for? How many times will it take for them to divert Mother Nature's water cycle to get it right? Perhaps fighting a drought is like putting out a fire with water, except with a little too much water to cause flooding.

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