Saturday, 3 May 2014

How to Document NEXRAD Weather Modification Using Weather Satellite Video + Data

This article will explain how to record weather animation, using two separate video tracks: one that is weather animation product, and another that is an overlay image of NEXRAD sites. The main idea is to screen record a selected weather map animation (weather product), and use the overlays below in a separate video track, so that NEXRAD sites can be seen during weather animation playback. The following websites may be used in making weather animation videos, and each NEXRAD overlay image below corresponds to certain weather animation products:
  1. Environment Canada - N America IR Map  (View all available satellite images here)
  2. 24 Hour Water Vapor Loop (View all COD - Satellite & Radar Products here )  
  3. COD - Analysis Maps (Navigate through analysis products in left pane)
  4. San Francisco State University (View all jet stream analysis maps here)

The video above details how this can all be done. In order to save the overlay images below, right click the desired image, and select Save as. Below each image, there is a caption describing the type of map that is to be used for selected weather animation products. These overlay images may require minor adjustment, such as movement and re-sizing in your video. Their placement can be checked by using this website (click NEXRAD sites on the left pane), or the last image on this page.
Environment Canada - Satellite Map
Satellite Map - COD
Analysis Map - COD

WV & Vorticity Map - COD

San Francisco State University - Jet Stream Analysis Map 

NEXRAD Site Placement Map: To be used for checking the placement of your overlay images used above

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