Friday, 23 August 2013

Sudden Cloud Generation at Silver Mountain near Boise, ID

Back in Aug 1/13, we had tracked some sudden cloud formations arising from Silver Mountain area, near Boise, ID. The clouds appeared within 3 minutes on the radar. The NEXRAD animation can be watched here.

Above: Sudden clouds being generated at Silver Mountain, near Boise, ID NEXRAD facility. The bottom image is 3 minutes after the top image. Could transmitter antennas being in use near this area be the cause of explanation, or is this simply NEXRAD at work?
Above: Red circled area is the area of cloud formation. Yellow pin is the NEXRAD facility in Boise, ID.

Above: Interestingly, we located Delamar Silver Mine in the area. We know that silver iodide is used in cloud-seeding operations, however, can silver particles become corona ions in the atmosphere?
Above: Note the red dot on the radar, indicating a possible area of intense charge
Above: We believe there may be transmitter antennas in this area

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