Friday, 23 August 2013

Calgary: From Blue Skies to White - Aerosols & Fire Smoke from WA & OR

Today, we are awakened to a whitened sky, with the smell of fire smoke in the air. Yesterday, lower Alberta and BC received aerosol haze originating from WA and OR, driven by NEXRAD on its unnatural course north into BC and AB. 

Above: Aerosols / clouds are naturally driven east, but artificially driven north through the use of electromagnetic frequency. We have tracked what appears to be aerosol haze originating from OR and WA, as seen in the left IR satellite image. In the right image, we see Prairie Doppler stations pulsing heavily, appearing to create corona ions in the air, while attracting aerosols. The top image shows the aerosol-laced haze that has made its way into BC and Alberta.

We should also note that many of these areas with fires have had their moisture / rain diverted to other areas by the means of NEXRAD frequencies and transmitter antennas, as has been shown by our team.

Here, in Calgary we could see frequencies being applied to this mass of haze, as shown in the pictures below. There were also high altitude planes leaving behind persistent contrails (metallic particles?) that added to this mass. Their trails can clearly be seen, left behind and shaped in the aerosol mass.


  1. Here is a internal Canadian Federal Government document that was made available through the Freedom of Information Act.

    It is entitled, "Weather Modification Information Regulations",_c._1604.pdf

    As always, the spraying continues here in Calgary on a daily basis.

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