Monday, 4 March 2013

Nexrad Weather Control: Geoengineering Blizzard Rocky

What are your thoughts? I have seen our weather systems in Southern Alberta many times being driven south into the states. I have also noticed strange weather systems coming in from Oregon and Washington.
Some interesting comments made by users from the above video:
Today here in Central Wisconsin they laid down some of the heaviest amounts of aerosols I've have witnessed in a long time. This was and epic amount of chem trails. There about to shift the weather patterns in a major way. You just watch. They don't run 40 flights and hour over these part ever. Today I just watched and counted plane after plane spraying their metallic filth. ;(

i really like the way you wrote this...i live in rural upstate ny east on vt boarder..we are not in any direct flight path...any given time i can hear the roaring of the aircraft...but we have not seen the sky in days...just the chem clouds..

that show the weather channel put out...really irked i went digging into who owns it...really did not surprise me...but a private war machine..called blackmore owns a large go figure! ...a private ex banker...Morrissette/Quebec..N­BC = GE ...Bain capital channel....propaganda big time....


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