Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Vernon Weather Doppler Tower MANIPULATING the Jet Stream

In Central British Columbia, on May, 25, 2015 (around 3:30 - 23:00 UTC), a low pressure system formed directly over Vernon's (Silver Star) Doppler tower. This tower could clearly be seen controlling the jet stream in satellite  and radar animation. This is not the first time this phenomenon has been recorded and it is an ongoing event occurring over other Doppler towers as well. See the related articles below to see more examples.

Look at central British Columbia and the low pressure system that forms over Silver Star Mountain's Doppler tower

Even when viewing the radar animation, one could see the jet stream twirling anti-clockwise around the Doppler site

A 1998 weather patent, entitled, Weather modification by artificial satellites - US 5984239 A states:

A Satellite Weather Modification System (SWMS) uses earth satellites to harness solar energy to modify the thermodynamics and composition of the earth's atmosphere...This technique can also be used to modify the jet stream path and therefore modify the weather on either side of the jet stream.

Now one must ask: if these satellites are capable of doing just that, by using transmitter devices to discharge energy at specific locations, would not Doppler towers equipped with over 700,000 watts (microwave energy) in each pulse be able to alter the atmosphere as well?

Top left: Low pressure system appearing directly over the Doppler tower at Vernon BC's Silver Star Mountain 

A view of the powerful Doppler tower from Silver Star Mountain: The culprit that is affecting our weather and atmosphere

Do not think for a second that controlling the jet stream is out of the realms for mankind:
On September 6, 1987, National Public Radio reported: "Dr. Eastlund stated that his new invention could be used to CHANGE THE WEATHER BY REDIRECTING THE VERY HIGH WIND PATTERNS. ... The invention uses an earth based power source to create electromagnetic radio waves and focus them way up into the atmosphere. Dr. Eastlund says the invention could STEER THE JET STREAM ..."
On the front page of the 1987 patent, there are direct references to the February, 1935 LIBERTY MAGAZINE article about Nikola Tesla; plus references to other Tesla articles in the Dec. 8, 1915 NEW YORK TIMES and Sept. 22, 1940 NEW YORK TIMES:
The 1987 patent states: "...Large regions of the atmosphere could be lifted to an unexpected high altitude... WEATHER MODIFICATION IS POSSIBLE, by for example altering the upper atmosphere wind patterns" (which is exactly what the Russian Woodpecker ELF system does)." ( Source )

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  1. It's causing very cold weather in the UK as the jet stream is coming from N. Canada instead of up from Florida past the west African coast as is normal this time of year.