Saturday, 13 September 2014

Persistent Contrails Affect our Weather

When these persistent contrails are sprayed into our skies, whether they are weather-patented or not, deployed using commercial jets or private military-owned jets, our climate is affected. The trails that linger in the sky block out essential sunlight, causing our temperature to drop. Here is a typical example of how a blue-skied morning can easily turn into a mass of aerosol-laced white skies. Where the temperature could have been plus fifteen, it then continuously drops towards zero.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Hole-Punched Clouds & Calgary Snow Storm

Parts of southern Alberta, mainly Calgary and the surrounding area has been dumped on with lots of snow. Traffic lights and electricity went out in some parts of the city, while branches of trees were breaking off and falling onto the streets, laying all over the ground. 

This snow is unusual, as citizens have not seen snow this early (Sept 9-10) in the season. The true falling of leaves has only just begun. The trees still have their leaves intact, which allowed the partially melting and heavy snow to rest on them, causing their branches to bend down and eventually snap. 

What is important to note, during this weather system that brought us snow, pay close attention to the radar anomalies seen in the images below. Near Grand Prairie, AB, Spirit River experienced a "hole-punched" sky right above its radar station. This anomaly, which showed the clouds with a circle through them, lasted over 5 hours. 

Furthermore, we noted that areas around the circumference of the Strathmore weather radar tower experienced heavy dumps of snow. At some points there were bands of precipitation going right through the radar centre. 

So, we must ask ourselves: a circle of clouds being dissipated right above a NEXRAD tower, and precipitation being driven right through the centre of another tower -- are these highly-powered devices affecting our weather?