Sunday, 6 October 2013

NEXRAD Weather Control and South Dakota Snow Storm

Oct 6/13 - What was described by the media as an unusually strong storm, brought hail and rain to South Dakota, generating 9 tornadoes throughout Iowa and Nebraska, and leaving 25,000 residents without power. Friday's snowfall in some areas surpassed the entire snowfall of October, in 1919, breaking records during that time. Black Hills received over 43 inches of snow by Friday night. Although it is interesting that the media mentioned "Rapid City", they failed to tell us what else lies precisely near Rapid City. Perhaps there was some people paying attention to the Rapid City NEXRAD facility, where clouds circled around the radar for over 10 hours. However, we believe that the moisture which brought clouds was fed from NEXRAD stations south of SD, as shown in the weather animation below. 

Moisture aligning with the NEXRAD facility at Laughlin AFB, TX. Time: 20131006.0516 
Oct 6/13, 5.00 UTC - Take a look at this weather front in the Eastern states, and see where the moisture is precisely being channelled and driven. In each radar image, there lies a powerful Doppler facility at the centre.

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