Sunday, 28 April 2013

Politicians secretly meeting to discuss "climate science"

Why would they not make this a public meeting? Why be discrete about who is attending? Sounds fishy to me. Perhaps they don't want people hearing what they are allowing to be sprayed in our skies, along with the directed energy used on our skies. If people knew their sun was deliberately being blocked by Geoengineering aerosols, they might be outraged. Should we really trust these guys? Look what they are already doing with our weather and skies.

"O Lord! Destroy the wicked and all of their works!"

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Weather Modification FAIL

Today's morning clearly showed signs of Weather Modification underway, as the ChemClouds, metallic-laced aerosols, were being morphed with EM waves.

But today was very interesting, because I don't think this Geoengineered mass could sustain the strong winds that seemed to make them clear out to the South east. And what remained was a clear beautiful blue sky, with cumulus puffed clouds to the West, formed from natural snow melt evaporation.

The weather network had to change their forecast now for the second time, initially predicting snow/rain on Monday, then switched it to Saturday, now back to Monday. But we wonder if they know the truth, and do they want to help stop it?

So let us not despise the wind, but rather thank Creator for blowing away the fake clouds, to leave us with beautiful natural skies...keep praying for the sky my people, and the winds that drive away the works of the wicked.

Altering our sky using directed energy

The last pics say it all. Kinda funny that the #weathernetwork had to change their #forecast after #heavyspraying of #chemtrails. Instead of snow/rain on Monday, we will get it TODAY. I guess they pulled the #weathermodification switch last night, cause with the morphing clouds yesterday evening, and today's morning sun being covered by EM-induced clouds, its a shame. Let us #pray for the destruction of these wicked people who alter our skies and their evil works!

Very interesting, this is no secret for many skywatchers now. Yesterday, we could clearly see the clouds being warped and shaped using this directed energy. Many small-scale ripples were seen, and note that this was after heavy spraying to the west, forming a smeared mass of metallic aerosols.

These aerosols throughout the day were shaped using EM waves. And today, here you have it, the sun is blocked by what appears to be a thick haze of pulsed "clouds".

Because of that, the weather network changed its forecast, from snow/rain on Monday now to snow TODAY.

Using ground station devices that emit EM waves to control weather and metallic aerosol-sprayed clouds. We need to put an end to this perverted science.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Warped Clouds

Definitely caught people's interest on weather network. Clouds shaped by directed energy. The later pics are from the spraying today, as usual mostly in the Western horizon.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Directed Energy in skies - BUSTED

Here is a photo of directed energy rays being pulsed through our skies in order to shape metallic aerosol clouds and control our weather. This was captured by a resident, one of our skywatchers out in Agassiz, BC back in May of 2011. Weather Modification as it happens.

The later photos show a site near India off of Prince Edward Islands, what appears to be a meteorological station is actually a Weather Modification site, using directed energy to manipulate and control the skies. One can clearly see where the energy waves are coming from. Video can be viewed here:

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Natural clouds today w/ sunset aerosols

Morning to evening
Morning was warped clouds, then the natural puffy ones came in, with the odd spray trails here n there. Evening was sunset aerosol spraying, reflecting a rainbow.

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Chemtrail Bust: Snow Skies

Just when a peak of blue sky could be seen, this Calgary resident has busted what appears to be aerosol lines, stitching the clouds together with EM-pulsation (ripples can be seen). And today we have gotten more snow than expected. Notice all this snow translates to rain south of us (in the States).

Weather Modification in Canada

A great article, worth a read: