Sunday, 19 April 2015

Strange Scalar Wave Clouds Over Calgary - April 19

On the morning of April 19th, strange scalar clouds were spotted by residents, appearing over Calgary and disappearing very soon thereafter. During this time, the sun was clearly blocked out, with some areas having a stitched criss-cross pattern. Prior to this, the sky is shown completely covered, seen in IR satellite imagery. It is uncertain as to how or where these clouds originated from, and whether they were affected by electromagnetic waves via the atmosphere. We have analysed the satellite animation and notice that these clouds drift south east into the United States, where they are directed elsewhere. They appear to move consistent with the direction of the jet stream, having 40-45 kts/C at 500 mb, taken from RAP Mesoanalysis from College of DuPage. During this time, the sky quickly clears up, from east to west. The full playlist can be seen here.

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