Monday, 13 May 2013

Weather network always changing their forecast

Let's not let them dictate to us what we should believe of weather. Mind over matter. Let us rather form our own thoughts, of what kind of weather we want, and send our prayers out into the skies...

Here is a typical example of how often they have changed the forecast in the past 2 days in order to "get it right" with their predictions. Firstly, they had Monday as no rain, then later changed it to rain. Monday it did not rain. Then they had Tuesday as rain, then changed it to thunder shower, and they have changed it back to no rain.

Do not be fooled, because they cannot predict the forces that answer our prayers. The power of prayer has been used since the ages, to bring rain and sun, calling unto the Creator. Let us pray for the good weather, that brings the rain to revive the land, where sunny peaks shine on our land.

Let us dismiss the media as falsehood, and be connected to earth, sky, and spirit--the glad tidings which they bring unto mankind.

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