Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Natural day of cumulus showers

Yesterday proved to be spectacular, with natural showers throughout the city. We had many sunny peaks. We are glad that the aerosols sprayed in the past days have swept by.

What was interesting is that we asked our local skywatchers to pray for a natural rain shower and they got it! Even though the forecast called for no rain (see last post), Creator made it rain.

On a side note, there was the usual sunset aerosol spraying to the West.

We have also posted satellite images showing an example of how a weather front can be geoengineered off the coast, and using aerosols, it can be stretched for hundreds of miles, resulting in a linear feature. This explains how man-made clouds have planar cloud edges, since they were made with linear aerosols and shaped by linear EM waves. This geoengineered mass can be directed and shaped by EM waves emitted from nexrad ground stations and other devices.

We conclude with a sky prayer.

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