Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Lower BC & Washington: BLUE SKIES

Folks living in the lower BC and Washington, be grateful for this weather that you have now. The last couple days there has been nearly no aerosol spraying, leaving the skies blue. This is very rare, as recently they have been spraying non stop off the West Coast areas to create their fake weather fronts, when the aerosols suck up moisture as they move inland. Usually these large aerosol masses with their linear edges can be seen on satellite images, but the sky is now clean of such anomalies due to the sudden halt of metallic spraying. A rare sight indeed. I have provided images of satellite and also photos snapped from our skywatchers in Vancouver and Okanagan.

"O Creator! We thank You for pure skies. Keep our skies natural and pristine. You are the Protector, the Wise"

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