Monday, 13 May 2013

How does Geoengineering affect cumulus clouds?

More research should be done on this topic. We know that they are spraying metallic aerosols, as it is stated in their weather modification patents, and soil sample tests also indicate their presence. We know they are using directed energy in our skies in order to shape these metallics, resulting in morphed "clouds" and the EM ripples. The aerosols are sprayed at high altitudes, above the natural cumulus clouds we observe. Eventually, these metallic particles fall back down towards the ground, and what do they encounter on their way down--cumulus clouds, you guessed it. The aerosols collect moisture on their way down, and there is a potential for mixing with the cumulus formations. However, more research is needed.

In the pictures below, we observed the skies being sprayed with aerosols (heavy spraying). You can see the natural shape of the cumulus clouds with the aerosols hovering above them. As the hours passed today, the barium settled down to a lower altitude, and we noticed the cumulus clouds have changed their shape. We hypothesize that these metallic aerosols may mix with the cumulus cloud vapour, thus allowing them to incorporate metallic particles into their structure. This would allow directed energy impulses to shape these now-chemically altered cumulus clouds.

These cumulus clouds were photographed in their natural pristine form, with metallic aerosols sprayed above them, not yet mixed into the clouds. Three hours later after the metallics have settled in, one can truly see the difference. Note that they have become elongated (deformed) in response to directed energy impulses.

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