Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Weather system being fed from N.Cali

Weathermanwill, and our friends from N.California couldn't have said it better: it appears as though 'they' are preparing to intensify the approaching weather front coming in from the West, by using aerosol deployed by the spraying aircrafts. The first pictures are from the West coast of Northern California area, where heavy aerosol operations are often reported.

In the second round of pics, you will notice that this weather system from N.Cali will partially be affecting Southern Alberta. I have shown the satellite images.

Lastly, I have also taken shots of today's skies. Note the linear aerosols to the Southern horizon that have picked up moisture as they have reached us in their linear shaped mass. These are not "naturally" occurring clouds. They were also spraying in our southern skies to strengthen this aerosol mass. Other than the southern horizon and the usual sunset-covering aerosols, the sky was mostly clear and pristine.

Some more videos of California being sprayed recently:

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