Sunday, 10 March 2013

Straight-edged "cloud" not going anywhere

Today morning was a blanketed sky, but later cleared up. One could clearly see a planar-edged cloud line that was not going away. I also saw some signs of "pulsed" clouds that appeared to have been triggered by EM frequency in the afternoon; you know, the interference clouds with "waves" in them. This was only apparent in one area I could spot however.

The mass of "clouds" became stretched out around 4.00 pm, and later started to move east (finally). The first sky photo was this instant of cloud departure, taken at 5:20 pm. The last photos are pictures taken throughout the day by others. It reached up to +8 degrees today.

Also, check out N.Montana (Kalispell) right below us. It appears that their skies were also pulsed with EM frequency to control or generate clouds:

I found it interesting that many other cameras in our area and nearby had their grid or network freeze during this time.

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