Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Synthetic weather: waves in the clouds

Today was completely overcast, as in total sky-blanketed "clouds". There was not a puffy cloud in sight, just an ugly dark gloomy shapeless mass above us. By the late afternoon (3ish), the sky started opening up. I saw the blue clearness of the sky, a sign of what our sky should look like. I saw shapeless masses of clouds around the horizons that appeared to look like aerosol masses. Then I looked over to the sun, and observed what appeared to be waves created in some clouds, and they were covering the sun. I have never seen this kind of phenomena growing up as a child, so the sight of it is strange.

After watching a video as to how governments are carrying out experiments in our sky (Geoengineering), I can see a possible explanation. They use aircraft to spray metal particles and other toxic junk into our skies (ie. Chemtrails). Why use metallic particles? Perhaps because they are easier to shape with infrasonic undulation or EM waves? Could this explain the waves in those clouds? If HAARP can superheat our atmosphere, what kind of weather fronts are they capable of creating?

"O Creator! Destroy the fake clouds and wicked ones. Bring back our natural weather, and make the righteous victorious"

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