Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Russian "meteor" cover-up?

Something we're not told? Also reports in Saudi and Florida. How long have leaders been nuke testing behind our backs? May God destroy the wicked.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Synthetic weather: waves in the clouds

Today was completely overcast, as in total sky-blanketed "clouds". There was not a puffy cloud in sight, just an ugly dark gloomy shapeless mass above us. By the late afternoon (3ish), the sky started opening up. I saw the blue clearness of the sky, a sign of what our sky should look like. I saw shapeless masses of clouds around the horizons that appeared to look like aerosol masses. Then I looked over to the sun, and observed what appeared to be waves created in some clouds, and they were covering the sun. I have never seen this kind of phenomena growing up as a child, so the sight of it is strange.

After watching a video as to how governments are carrying out experiments in our sky (Geoengineering), I can see a possible explanation. They use aircraft to spray metal particles and other toxic junk into our skies (ie. Chemtrails). Why use metallic particles? Perhaps because they are easier to shape with infrasonic undulation or EM waves? Could this explain the waves in those clouds? If HAARP can superheat our atmosphere, what kind of weather fronts are they capable of creating?

"O Creator! Destroy the fake clouds and wicked ones. Bring back our natural weather, and make the righteous victorious"

Friday, 15 February 2013

Record-breaking warmth!

This morning we awoke to blanketed skies of aerosols that were sprayed all night and collected moisture coming from the north west. Thank God, the wind has blown away this fake front, and our now partially covered sun is giving us an astonishing +12!

Just remember, this white dispersed mass is not clouds that you see--while you read this, they are spraying...
(Did you spot them in the last 2 pictures)

But we can be grateful for the wind that Creator gives us, to blow away this mass.

"Thank you for making it warm, O Maker of the sky and earth"

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Feb 14 - Aerosol Clouds

In The first photos taken in the morning, you can see streamlines of aerosols that were sprayed 5 mins ago. Eventually these chemtrail lines will join and merge into the aerosol mass, making it even larger. The last pictures show sunrise and sunset.

Compare these linear unshaped aerosol clouds to yesterday's large-volume puffy-shaped natural clouds?

Natural Weather Front?

Feb 13.

Was today a natural weather front that approached us? I couldn't see any signs of chemtrails, or man-made straight-edged aerosol clouds? They were simply beautiful, puffy-shaped open clouds. There were breaks in the sky with sunny periods, instead of a gloomy dark blanketed sky of thick aerosol masses, if I am correct.

"O Maker, keep our skies pure and clean, bring back our natural weather that man has tampered with. We thank You, O Gracious One, Glorious One"

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Aerosols from the West?

Feb 12

This mass of "clouds" with straight-edged features seem to show signs of aerosol deployment blowing in from the West. What do you think?

Chemtrail Assault - Feb 11

So after two days of very quiet chemtrail activity, this day they are spraying like crazy. Are they trying to create a cool weather front because our temperature has been hovering near +8?

See if you can spot the linear streamlines of aerosols in these pictures. You will notice that the upper winds disperse them quite well, from lines to various shapes. So now we can know what to expect when we look at the satellite images. Let us combine our prayers :

"O Maker of the heavens and earth, purify our skies and bring back our natural weather. Destroy the wicked who make mischief on the earth. You are the Granter, the Gracious."

Clouds or Chemtrails?

How many people do you think are mistaking these for clouds?

Hiding the Sunset - Feb 9/13

Here is a good example to show how clear the day was surprisingly. The sky was blue with not a single aerosol trail aka chemtrail. This is how our skies should look, as our region is known to carry very little precipitation. That has all changed with geoengineering.

So all the sky was clear blue, and not a single chemtrail. But then, as the sun set...there came the aircrafts with their trails, spraying lines all over the horizon. They did their job swiftly, secretly, quietly, with not a sound. I wonder if anybody noticed? Why are they covering our sunset? Are they hiding some celestial object? Let us pray:

"O Creator, purify our skies, destroy the fake trails, and grant us Your sunshine. You are the Mighty, the Wise"

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Aerosol Sunset

You can see the sunlight reflecting the pink linear aerosol trails in these so-called clouds. You will notice this almost always in the southern skies, hiding the sunset.

I have seen the geo engineering aircraft spraying trails all day, especially in the southern horizon. See the last blog also.

How many viewers know that these clouds have been man-made and shaped by aerosols? We need more awareness of this type of activity.

"Our Creator, restore and purify our skies. Destroy those that tamper with our weather. You are the Mighty Owner of the sky and the earth"