Sunday, 16 April 2017

Environment Canada: Calgary Flood Was Man-Made - Aerosols from Montana

It is important that this recent post is read to understand the article fully. The South Alberta Flood of 2013 was caused by aerosols being released over Montana state, vastly from active power plants, which were then pushed into Alberta with the help of weather patterns. In our previous posts, we discussed how the large amounts of precipitation were generated from the ground, most likely originating from the J.E. Corette Power Plant in southern Montana. Watch the satellite video below:

Note that the rain clouds began forming on June 19th from near the power plant location as they were pushed north by the wind and jet stream pattern, eventually ending up in southern Alberta the following day. 

On that following day, rain levels suddenly sky-rocketed on June 20th, bringing more than 43 mm of rain, according to Environment Canada. Prior to that, Calgary was receiving southern winds: