Sunday, 24 May 2015

Are NEXRAD Doppler Sites Altering our Atmosphere and Environment?

On May 17,2015, an earthquake occurred at a depth of 8 km, with a magnitude of 1.6. This happens to be only 10 miles away from the Reno, Nevada NEXRAD site.

NEXRAD KRGX Site: 39.7542,-119.4611
Earthquake epicentre: 39.609, -119.444

An interesting comment from a Chemical Engineer, which also seems to reflect the information contained in the electromagnetic weather modification patents:

I am a Chemical Engineer in Atlanta. My research is telling me the booms in the atmosphere and Earthquakes over Oklahoma City are possibly being triggered by the 6 or 7 high-powered Doppler Weather radars pulsing a few megawatts of energy (enough to power a few thousand homes) continuously into the atmosphere over Oklahoma City and the surrounding area. Think of the atmosphere as a capacitor charging / discharging that energy to the Earth, which acts as a battery, and you will understand. 10 months of data collection in Florida show me that there are increased algae blooms, sink-holes and fish kills near Doppler towers. They have the highest concentration of Dopplers in Oklahoma City which were recently upgraded and added to, since they do weather research at the NWS location there. The Enid area Doppler tower may have triggered the large fish kill near Enid last Summer. This energy absorbed by the atmosphere may trigger more storms / lightning and an increase in weakly ionizing background radiation, which is harmful for biology, as it discharges to the Earth. I can find NO scientific studies on short/long term effects of this amount of microwave radiation beamed over our heads. The klystron element in a Doppler Tower is similar to the klystron in your microwave oven.

In Norman, you have one WSR-88D(KCRI) and three additional radars. You have a TDWR in Oklahoma City and 2-4 more radars at the aeronautical center (possibly TDWR). Additional WSR-88Ds are KTLX, KVNX, KINX and another TDWR in Tulsa. That is more radars than almost anywhere I have researched that is non-military.
The energy decreases because it is getting absorbed by the atmosphere. The atmosphere is a weakly ionized plasma (not just air and water vapor) :
It is not just thermal agitation, it is ionized plasma. This instantaneous energy discharge is huge and the average build up in the atmosphere over time as ionized plasma, not just heat.
The Dopplers are perturbing the jet stream by adding ...
Single Method: Increase of ionized plasma energy in overhead jet streams due to pulsed Doppler Energy. That energy is in turn discharging to Earth and inducing Earthquakes, like the ionized heating over the Japan Earthquake zone
South Korea has the largest Autism incident rate at 1/38 children and the highest weather/military Doppler Radar concentration. Cuba just got their first Doppler installation in 2012 and has had one of the lowest rates.
Here is another plot of Florida for you: >80% of fish kills, sinkholes, waterspouts are clustered with 50 miles of Doppler towers. They get sinkholes and waterspouts, not earthquakes and tornadoes like you guys. Would you leave your microwave oven door open at home while you are cooking? That is only a few hundred watts.

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