Saturday, 21 February 2015

Are Chemtrails COAL ASH?

This is truly sickening, and perhaps more people need to know about the doings of these giant energy corporations:

So, the way this ash is disposed of in such a way reminds me of how the aluminium industry and Manhattan bomb project disposed of their fluoride waste products. Instead of paying to properly dispose of it, they released it into the environment, or sold it cheap to the dental industry and water facilities. Very sinister ...

The speaker also mentions high levels of barium being found in water samples. There is a sickening weather patent which uses barium to increase "precipitation of atmospheric water". Both the US and Canada are using it. This patent uses barium salts, lead, copper, ammonia, etc. This is all stated in the weather patent document Patent US5360162 A, published in 1994.

Now, after watching this video, it becomes clear that they are dumping this coal ash waste in our sky, in order to avoid paying to properly dispose of it. It sounds like David Keith must be getting paid big bucks for proposing weather patents, which use aerosol spraying of aluminium oxide and SULPHUR into our skies. Perhaps the funding by Bill Gates is not for solar management and the global warming hoax, but rather for the benefit of corporations. Is not sulphur another waste product of coal plants? All this information pertaining to coal ash should be forwarded to Dane Wigington.

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