Saturday, 13 September 2014

Persistent Contrails Affect our Weather

When these persistent contrails are sprayed into our skies, whether they are weather-patented or not, deployed using commercial jets or private military-owned jets, our climate is affected. The trails that linger in the sky block out essential sunlight, causing our temperature to drop. Here is a typical example of how a blue-skied morning can easily turn into a mass of aerosol-laced white skies. Where the temperature could have been plus fifteen, it then continuously drops towards zero.


  1. I appreciate that your article isn't referencing any of the fake/supposed geoengineeringwatch/awareness sites.

    Thank you, this is an article I can feel comfortable sharing.

    Kim Moore

  2. never stop pouring million Tm/year contamination to the foul air, they are almost suffocating in cities...and blame to the Anticyclone