Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Alberta-Montana: Linear Cloud Front Generated Using Aerosols and Held in Place Using EMF

Calgary, AB, Nov 26-27/13 - With its linear shape, many are calling it a Chinook. However, we must keep in mind the mass of linear aerosols that were being sprayed prior to this formation, along with the diminished EM (electromagnetic) emissions in the Rocky mountainous regions. There are next to no cellphone towers or Doppler facilities at those rocky heights. This mass of linear "clouds" were originally sprayed aerosols that collected moisture and were further pulsed into shape by EMF (electromagnetic frequency). The linear cloud formation was kept in place by EM frequency, hovering over Calgary for over 13 hours, as it later shifted towards Montana's Missoula and Great Falls NEXRAD regions to be also held in place for 13+ hours, with the same linear edge. Many locals are calling this a Chinook, but is there more to it? The full playlist of events can be seen here.

Nov 26/13, 15:07 UTC - EM blast emitted from Great Falls, MT NEXRAD Station. Shortly after this, we see the linear cloud front move into this region (on the satellite video). 

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