Monday, 9 September 2013

Moisture being driven from Gulf of Mexico into U.S. and Canada

September 9/13 - It appears as though NEXRAD stations and other electromagnetic weather-patented technology (including chemical aerosols) are working in unison to climate engineer a massive weather front. This huge weather front can be seen originating in the Gulf of Mexico, its moisture being driven up through Mexico, into the U.S. (through Arizona and Texas), stretching up into the Canadian Prairies. What is interesting is that we find moisture being channelled through active NEXRAD sites, all the way from Arizona to Montana and North Dakota. We also see moisture surrounding active NEXRAD radar sites, sometimes conforming to the radar circumference.

The above video is a 24 hour water vapour loop animation provided from satellite data. Note the moisture being generated in the Gulf of Mexico, as it is later driven into Mexico and the U.S., creating a large storm that heads into the Dakotas. One such journal discusses this phenomenon as a natural event, but fails to mention the influence of Doppler sites and climate engineering that are involved in facilitating these types of weather fronts on a large level. The video below is a similar animation using IR satellite data. We recommend reading the article entitled Mexico / Texas Plume Generators - multiple stations producing ionized clouds, and watching the video entitled Weather Modification in the Gulf of Mexico (speaker Rosalind Peterson). 

NEXRAD radar sites that use electromagnetism to affect and thwart moisture and clouds
The NEXRAD radar sites make up a vast network of Doppler sites stretching across the continent
After taking a close look at the above satellite image showing moisture patterns, see the NEXRAD radar photos below, which show moisture being channelled through the different radar sites. 

Often times, Canadian Doppler radar is also used in conjunction with northern U.S. NEXRAD radar sites

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