Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Toronto Flooding - Electromagnetic-induced Weather System & Censored Data

The media is describing the recent Toronto storm as an unexpected sudden and violent thunderstorm:

"What occurred over a few short hours last night was unprecedented," Ford told reporters at a news briefing, referring to the 126 millimetres of rain that fell on the city in just two hours last night. The downpour was more than the amount of precipitation Toronto would get in an average July. The torrential rain and squalls downed trees, flooded subway stations and basements, and stranded motorists in murky waters ... David Phillips, a climatologist with Environment Canada, said those rains may have been "the most intense, wettest moment in Toronto's history."

Here is satellite animation for Eastern Canada, July 7 - July 10. The Doppler animation for the Ontario region can be viewed here. Watch the large storm system develop, that flooded areas in and around Toronto, ON. You will notice that these storm systems extend into the northern States, as was seen prior to the Alberta flooding. We already know NEXRAD devices were behind modifying storm systems prior to the Alberta flood -- now the question lies as to what exactly occurred around Toronto? The Weather Network has omitted mentioning that the heavy storm system was linked to the U.S. and that it also came from the northern States, and portrays the "flood storm" as an isolated system.

Toronto seemed fine prior to the electromagnetic beams being emitted from this Doppler station at various times. In this looped video, pay close attention to below the centre of the Doppler station. You can see the small clouds moving from the bottom up, being aligned and attracted to the centre of the Doppler station, just as metallic filaments would line up near the EM field of a magnet. We believe this station was pulsing electromagnetic waves to further attract the north-east-bound oncoming storm. In the beginning of the detailed version of the Toronto Doppler animation, we see a cloud being attracted by the means of EM frequency directly through the centre of the Doppler station. During and after this time, we see strong electromagnetic attraction causing the cloud system to grow as it attracts and binds other water molecules in close proximity. The linear features in this cloud system and other electromagnetic signatures can be seen throughout the animation. Some clouds will even mimic the circumference of the radar. Unfortunately, we do not have NEXRAD data from the U.S. Stations near Toronto, as was shown in the case for Calgary, AB, except for this one in Buffalo, NY. This NEXRAD station also appears to be very active, and it appears that the storm system is responding to electromagnetic waves emitted from this station as well.

Toronto seemed fine prior to the electromagnetic beams being pulsed from this Doppler station. In the top left frame, we see an electromagnetic beam being pulsed north-west. In the top right frame, we see the storm system being pushed north east into Ontario from the States, which was not mentioned by the weather media. In the bottom right frame, we see this north-west pulsing again; and thereafter, we the second storm originating from the north-west. We all know that water particles, especially when laced with metallic aerosols, respond to electromagnetic waves. Coincidence?
Environment Canada continues to censor crucial weather data to help in understanding the development of this storm system. We have noted that these frames for the satellite IR data have been removed / censored by Environment Canada:

July 8 - 4.45 - 5.15 EDT (CENSORED All Regions)
July 8 - 12.15 - 14.45 EDT (Missing Frames)
July 9 - 21.15 EDT (Censored South)
July 10 - 10:45 - 11:15 EDT (CENSORED All Regions)

Please see this video made by one user. Here is an interesting comment left by one individual with emphasis added:

These circles you refer to are [electromagnetic] frequencies created by NEXRAD. They [can] act as ionic heaters. Dutchsinse, Weather101, and Jim Lee have the best independent information available in understandable language. These extreme storms have been occurring in the U.S. for years, along with manipulated frequency injections that create them. NEXRAD and perhaps other directed-energy [devices], along with chemicals, stratospheric-aerosol geoengineering [can alter our weather] ... none of this is natural.

Here is another interesting video depicting a roll cloud that was seen extending across Toronto, similar to what was seen during the Calgary flooding.


  1. Great blog, so good to see this, thanks so much. love and peace from face book, Eastern Ontario Geo-engineering watch

  2. Have you tried sharing this with local media outlets?

  3. Word. I love this blog! Thank you for your work sir.

  4. We should be using this power to regulate the watering of farm land! hard to believe this could have human intentions behind it using the HARP technology, but the evidence is building.

    It is important to note the simply large electrostatic charges can attract rain clouds. Rain clouds are very negatively charged, so if a strong postive charge accumilate on the ground, it would attract them.

    Not an expert on electri grids.