Saturday, 22 June 2013

NEXRAD-induced "cloud rolls" appear as lines in the sky - May 10, 2013

Our team of SkyWatchers had posted an entry earlier on May 10th regarding the unusual cloud formations in Calgary, AB. What our residents were witnessing was shocking indeed. The original blog can be viewed here.

These metallic-laced (aerosol) clouds were formed with the help of Doppler stations in close proximity to Calgary, AB. What is interesting is that the radar images on and near the date of May 10th are not available to public, for all areas in Canada. Has this data been intentionally removed and censored to the public? Please see the video below, regarding these strange cloud formations on May 10, 2013:

Our Skywatchers are wondering if this was a test phase for the roll clouds that were geoengineered on June 18th, prior to the Alberta flooding. However, this is pure speculation.

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