Friday, 10 May 2013

From barium aerosol to ionized clouds

Yes, you guessed it folks--they have been spraying barium-laced aerosols all day. Those were not cumulus clouds we were looking at, which form from the natural cycle of evaporation and condensation. Rather, these barium-laced clouds lack the elegant structure of cumulus clouds, with their randomly shaped rounded edges. They have been spraying the metallic-laced aerosols non stop today, not even desisting at sunset. During sunset they were mostly sprayed in the usual Western horizon.

Once these metallic oxides (eg. Barium) are sprayed into the sky, they can become ionized easily, and shaped with directed energy from ground stations. This explains the numerous ripples our skywatchers saw this morning, showing signs of the EM waves in the barium aerosols.

We caught them today, fair and square. We can see how these so-called "clouds" seem to appear out of nowhere. Let's put an end to these types of mad science experiments.

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