Saturday, 27 April 2013

Weather Modification FAIL

Today's morning clearly showed signs of Weather Modification underway, as the ChemClouds, metallic-laced aerosols, were being morphed with EM waves.

But today was very interesting, because I don't think this Geoengineered mass could sustain the strong winds that seemed to make them clear out to the South east. And what remained was a clear beautiful blue sky, with cumulus puffed clouds to the West, formed from natural snow melt evaporation.

The weather network had to change their forecast now for the second time, initially predicting snow/rain on Monday, then switched it to Saturday, now back to Monday. But we wonder if they know the truth, and do they want to help stop it?

So let us not despise the wind, but rather thank Creator for blowing away the fake clouds, to leave us with beautiful natural skies...keep praying for the sky my people, and the winds that drive away the works of the wicked.

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