Saturday, 27 April 2013

Altering our sky using directed energy

The last pics say it all. Kinda funny that the #weathernetwork had to change their #forecast after #heavyspraying of #chemtrails. Instead of snow/rain on Monday, we will get it TODAY. I guess they pulled the #weathermodification switch last night, cause with the morphing clouds yesterday evening, and today's morning sun being covered by EM-induced clouds, its a shame. Let us #pray for the destruction of these wicked people who alter our skies and their evil works!

Very interesting, this is no secret for many skywatchers now. Yesterday, we could clearly see the clouds being warped and shaped using this directed energy. Many small-scale ripples were seen, and note that this was after heavy spraying to the west, forming a smeared mass of metallic aerosols.

These aerosols throughout the day were shaped using EM waves. And today, here you have it, the sun is blocked by what appears to be a thick haze of pulsed "clouds".

Because of that, the weather network changed its forecast, from snow/rain on Monday now to snow TODAY.

Using ground station devices that emit EM waves to control weather and metallic aerosol-sprayed clouds. We need to put an end to this perverted science.

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